Review of 24K Magic Album by Bruno Mars

Having reportedly sold over 100 million records, Bruno Mars must be considered amongst the elite of global pop superstars.  The release of this, his third album, will be supported by a huge UK tour starting in April 2017, which includes an impressive four nights at London's O2 Arena.

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Album

That Mars kicks off the album an upbeat number comes as no surprise, but the funk-dance of hybrid of the title track fails to really lift off.  He continues the vibe with 'Chunky', but it is 'Perm' that is the first cut that genuinely impresses, propelled by his vocal flow.  The hooks of 'That's What I Like' are undeniable, but R'n'B seduction it is not - telling the focus of your attention that they're lucky because of what you like is beyond arrogance.  Much better is the smooth 'Versace On The Floor', while 'Finesse' adds little more to an initially interesting groove.

Thankfully the apologetic 'Too Good To Say Goodbye' sees Mars back on top of his game for a soulful finale, but being the ninth track there feels to be something amiss.  If this was a classic collection comprising of only brilliance, you could understand, but it isn't.  For an artist of such standing and sales figures, you expect more of the magic promised in the title, but instead we have delusions of grandeur.

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