It’s fair to say that Bruno Mars has done a lot of growing up of late, you can tell it from his latest album Unorthodox Jukebox and its more mature sound, and you can tell it from reading the quotes of the man himself, who has come a long way from a couple of years ago when he was locked up in Las Vegas after being found in possession of narcotics.

Two and half years ago Mars was arrested at the Hard Rock Café with narcotics and allegedly denied any wrongdoing to the police. Yet, talking to GQ recently, Mars has spoken with regret about the incident, admitting "I was young, man! I was in f***ing Vegas. I wasn't thinking.”

Continuing, he added "I wasn't thinking. Oh yeah, just like any other human, anyone that's ever been arrested before: 'Yeah, dummy' ... I was given a #1 record and I'm out doing dumb s***."

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a more mature man these days

Mars also addressed the stories that he’d told the police he didn’t have anything, though refused to confirm whether that had happened or not. "I don't know where that came from” he said. “I was really intoxicated. I was really drunk. So a lot of that is a big blur, and I try every day to forget and keep pushing." And pushing he is, with another million selling album under his belt Stateside. It looks like nothing can stop Mars rise continuing space-wards.