Bryan Adams has apologised for a rant in which he claimed ''bat-eating'' people had caused the coronavirus pandemic.

The 60-year-old singer had been due to start a three-night residency in London's Royal Albert Hall on Monday (11.05.20) but it was cancelled due to the global health crisis, prompting the 'Summer of '69' crooner to lash out and blame wet markets for putting ''the whole world on hold''.

But the 'Heaven' hitmaker has now apologised to anyone his remarks offended and insisted he was just having a ''rant'' about animal cruelty and trying to urge people to try a plant-based diet.

He wrote on Instagram alongside a clip of himself singing 'Into the Fire': ''Apologies to any and all that took offence to my posting yesterday.

''No excuse, I just wanted to have a rant about the horrible animal cruelty in these wet-markets being the possible source of the virus, and promote veganism.

''I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic around the world.''

Bryan called for a ban on China's wet markets - where animals are sold live and slaughtered for food and medicine - in his original rant.

He wrote: ''Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some f**king bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy b*****ds, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus.

''My message to them other than 'thanks a f**king lot' is go vegan.

''To all the people missing out on our shows, I wish I could be there more than you know. It's been great hanging out in isolation with my children and family, but I miss my other family, my band, my crew and my fans.

''Take care of yourselves and hope we can get the show on the road again soon. I'll be performing a snippet from each album we were supposed to perform for the next few days. X #songsfromisolation #covid_19 #banwetmarkets #selfisolation #bryanadamscutslikeaknife #govegan (sic).''