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Bryan Cranston Sympathised With His Unlikeable Character In Wakefield

Bryan Cranston

In his new movie Wakefield, Bryan Cranston plays a self-absorbed, self-pitying man who abandons his family because he's tired of his meaningless life, moving into a storage shed and living like a feral hobo. The actor relished the challenge of playing such an unlikeable character. And he admits that his ability to take on an offbeat role like this is because his success has given him a measure of freedom.

Bryan Cranston in WakefieldBryan Cranston in Wakefield

"Let me say clearly, I highly appreciate my good fortune," he laughs, then turns serious. "But there is a price. Becoming famous has changed me, and not necessarily for the better. I often now opt to stay home, when I may have had a desire to go out. I'm less social than I used to be. I have a tendency to hide away."

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Power Rangers - Featurette, Clip Trailer

Zack Taylor (Ludi Lin), Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler), Trini (Becky G) and Jason Lee Scott (Dacre Montgomery) are five kids with a lot in common; they're all high-schoolers with pretty screwed up lives and going through a lot of the kind of problems that regular teenagers go through. That is until one day, when they stumble across what looks like a long-abandoned spaceship which they somehow manage to accidentally open. Once inside the ship, it soon becomes clear that they are not alone and are very much trapped. It's not the most friendly welcome to their new master as they could have, but they soon realise that Zordon and his robot minion Alpha 5 mean no harm. 

In fact, they have chosen these very kids to unite together and become their Power Rangers; superheroes on which the world depends. Of course, they don't believe that they really have super powers at first, but after a series of minor incidents, they are forced to accept their newfound destiny - and quickly because a deadly force is already on the rise led by the dastardly Rita Repulsa.

'Power Rangers' (sometimes known as 'Saban's Power Rangers') is the third and newest movie from the superhero franchise, coming 22 years after 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie'. It has been directed by by Dean Israelite ('Project Almanac') with a screenplay written by the Academy Award nominated John Gatins ('Flight', 'Real Steel'), and it is set to be released in theatres on March 24th 2017. 

Frankie Muniz Hit By Second Mini-Stroke Of The Year

Frankie Muniz Bryan Cranston

Actor Frankie Muniz has been hit by a worrying second mini-stroke in under a year. The former Malcolm In The Middle star told his fans on Twitter what had happened two days ago: "Almost a year to the day, I experienced another mini stroke. Hopefully that will be the last. Miserable," the 27 year-old tweeted.

Frankie Muniz
Frankioe Muniz Suffers His Second Stroke Within The Same Year.

Muniz's last stroke occurred in December 2012 when he lost vision in one eye whilst riding his motorbike through Arizona. At the time he was more upbeat about the incident, tweeting "Have to start taking care of my body! Getting old!"

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Forget Malcolm In The Middle, Three SERIOUS 'Breaking Bad Ending' Theories

Bryan Cranston

Ok, so we've all had a good laugh at the Breaking Bad alternate ending - Malcolm in the Middle Dad and all that - but it's worth noting that there are some serious theories concerning the ending of the AMC show, considered to be one of the greatest television dramas of all time.

breaking Bad finaleWalter White In The Breaking Bad Finale

Of course, if you're a Breaking Bad nut, you're probably aware of a couple of these theories - but what the hell, let's go over them anyway. 

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The Breaking Bad Alternate Ending: Old Hat, But Funny

Bryan Cranston

If you trawl through forums, you’ll find many Breaking Bad alternate ending jokes, but the most prolific of which is Hal, from Malcolm in The Middle, waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that he created and ran a dangerous meth empire. Spoilers are ahead, be warned. 

Breaking Bad Hazmat CostumeSo, this never happened? Yeah science B!

And while it’s easily the least original Breaking Bad joke out there, Cranston n co were still game for a laugh, and filmed a ridiculous Breaking Bad ending for fans to at least see – ostensibly – Walter White in his truest form: a weeping man, terrified of his own wife and kids.

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The Alternative Ending For 'Breaking Bad' Is A Laugh Riot

Bryan Cranston Vince Gilligan Jane Kaczmarek

Breaking Bad came to an end just weeks ago and still the show continues to capture our attention like it did in the dying episodes of the final season. The latest bit of BB goodness to brighten our lives comes from the upcoming series box set of Vince Gilligan's acclaimed show: an alternative ending to the series finale.

Walter White
The ending wasn't nearly as emotional as this one

Many of us knew Bryan Cranston as the hapless yet loveable father figure in Malcolm in the Middle before he was cast in the role of a life time as Walter White, and his association with both shows has prompted fan discussion linking the two programs. Using these fan theories, the alternative ending is a gleefully funny look at how the show could have ended if Walt woke up only to find himself as Hal from Malcolm, having dreamt the whole BB saga.

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Hilarious 'Breaking Bad' Alternative Ending Leaks Online Ahead Of Box Set Release

Bryan Cranston Jane Kaczmarek Bob Odenkirk

Before Breaking Bad became the biggest TV phenomenon since, well, TV started, Bryan Cranston was best known as the loveably hapless Hal, from the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Whilst he has gone on to immortalise himself as the meth kingpin Walter White/Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, there are many who still remember Cranston best for his turn as the head of the Malcolm... household, which will no doubt make this alternative ending all the sweeter for those who do.

Walter White
The alternative ending is much less dramatic than this one

The alternative ending, due to appear in the extras content on the upcoming series box set of Breaking Bad, plays heavily on the fan theories surrounding both of Cranston's most popular appearances on the small screen. Many have speculated that the events of Malcolm in the Middle follow on from Breaking Bad, or vice versa, and this brilliant parody plays exceptionally well on this fan theory. Pairing Cranston with his Malcolm... co-star Jane Kaczmarek once again, the new ending imagines that Hal has dreamt the entirety of the Breaking Bad set up.

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Walter White's Last Act: Fake Breaking Bad Funeral Raises $17k - Locals Aren't Thrilled

Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad may have culminated in a thrilling finale last month, but there was one last act in Walter White’s story. Perhaps the only constant in Bryan Cranston’s whirlwind character’s life was ABQ – the city where a turbulent three years saw his life spin, turn, dip and spiral upside down.

Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman and Walter White relax after a taxing cook

It’s difficult to avoid spoilers with a headline like that, so if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, please ignore this article and dive head first into one of the finest stories ever told.

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The Hopkins Approval: Is Bryan Cranston The Greatest Actor In The World?

Bryan Cranston Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins' gushing letter of admiration to Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston flagged up an interesting geeky question this week: could the man who stunned as meth cook Walter White be the greatest actor on the planet? With television now the breeding ground for the highest quality drama, the tag shouldn't be limited to the movie world, even though Cranston has impressed in the likes of Argo and Drive in recent years.

Bryan Cranston Walter WhiteAaron Paul [L] as Jesse Pinkman and Bryan Cranston [R] as Walter White

In case you hadn't heard: Hopkins - a man who was easily the greatest actor in the world at one stage in his career - binged on all five seasons of Breaking Bad in under two weeks before sending a gushing note to Cranston on his performance.

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Anthony Hopkins Writes A Gushing Review Of Bryan Cranston's 'Breaking Bad' Performance

Anthony Hopkins Bryan Cranston Vince Gilligan Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad has no shortage of famous fans, but Sir Anthony Hopkins might just be the biggest name to go on the record and declare out loud just how much of a boss Bryan Cranston is. The Oscar-winner recently went on a binge-watching session and got through all five seasons of the show, after which he was so impressed that he just had to write to Cranston and tell him how much he enjoyed his portrayal as Walter White/Heisenberg.

Anthony HopkinsBryan Cranston
If he though Cranston's Walter White was good, he should see the roller skating scene from Malcolm in the Middle

This wasn't just some loved-up, 'OMG i fink u so hot' letter from the Welsh thespian, this was a serious appraisal from the Silence of the Lambs actor, who declared Cranston performance throughout the five seasons as the best acting he had ever seen!

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Anthony Hopkins: Bryan Cranston Is A "Truly Great Actor"

Bryan Cranston Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins, as well as what seems to be the rest of the world, is mourning the loss of Breaking Bad. Hopkins wrote a letter to Bryan Cranston in which he praised the actor for his performance in the hit AMC series.

Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins described Breaking Bad as "addictive".

The email first appeared over the weekend, according to Gawker, on Steven Michael Quezada's Facebook page (according to The Hollywood Reporter). Hopkin's representative has confirmed the letter is authentic. 

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Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes Dominate Google Searches For 2013

Bryan Cranston Vince Gilligan

Google searches for "Breaking Bad costumes" is unsurprisingly nearly three times higher this year. The search engine's annual list of most searched costumes tell us one thing, that Walter White is going to be at every Halloween party you attend this year. He'll be stood next to the Minion from Despicable Me, over in the corner.

Breaking BadThe Breaking Bad Cast: Which One WIll You Dress As This Halloween?

With AMC's meth-drama coming to an explosive climax last month, Halloween gives fans a chance - the only acceptance chance - to dress as Walter, Jesse, Gus Fring or Saul Goodman. 

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Breaking Bad - The Thee-Hour Finale That Never Was

Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad is over, that thought can’t be avoided (except for those, who still haven’t seen the finale and who are now fighting a losing battle against spoilers.) Now all we have is the pleasure of rewatching and finding all the bits we missed the first time round, as well as quite a lot of background info. For example, did you know that Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg offered the Breaking Bad creators $25 million an episode for three more episodes of the show, 180 minutes in total, with one stipulation – the episodes were to air online, as pay-per-view, in excruciating six-minute increments.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
30 six-minute episodes? We dodged a bullet there.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Katzenberg wanted to make this “the greatest pay-per-view event in scripted television ever.” Thankfully, that sadistic (or maybe brilliant) idea could not be realized, thanks to the definitive series finale (trying really hard not to spoil anything here.)

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Breaking Bad Ending Hits The Right Note, The Perfect Song Choice?

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

After 62 episodes, clocking in at over 30 hours, it’s fair to say audiences had invested somewhat in the trials and tribulations of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Ending such a monumental journey is difficult – as the writers would attest – but choosing the perfect song can ease the pressure somewhat.

Jesse and Walter Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston as Jesse and Walt in Breaking Bad

And that’s exactly what music supervisor Thomas Golubic did; he chose the right song.

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The Very Best Breaking Bad Moments - Staff Picks

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Anna Gunn Dean Norris Betsy Brandt Vince Gilligan

It’s difficult to fathom a world without Breaking Bad. From the formative earlier episodes to the wrap-up job done by the last half of the fifth season, we’ve come to love and care for Walter, Jesse, Hank, Skyler, Marie and Walter Jr. And Mike. Don’t forget Mike. But instead of mourning the passing of such a giant, it’s important to celebrate the brilliant times it brought us.

Breaking Bad cast

Breaking Bad was - and is - a behemoth of modern television. While The Wire and The Sopranos brought us the inner dealings of criminal gangs in New Jersey and Baltimore, commenting on social injustice along the way, BrBa provided a new landscape to romanticize – it was something truly original, borrowing enough tropes of writing gone by to remain familiar.

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The Breaking Bad Finale Review: Felina - My, That Was Satisfying

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Anna Gunn Dean Norris Betsy Brandt Vince Gilligan

In many ways it didn’t matter how Breaking Bad ended; the journey was such that the show’s quality was undeniable. And if the journey ended like The Sopranos, Dexter or Seinfeld – i.e., caught up in a maelstrom of controversy and disappointed losers – then so be it.

Breaking BadIt's sad to see them go, but what a way to go

But Breaking Bad was, and is, amazing.

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Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Moves Over To CBS For New Detective Drama

Vince Gilligan Bryan Cranston CBS

Having created the most popular, talked about and possibly best TV show of a generation, Vince Gilligan’s presence behind the scenes is highly sought after, making CBS’s acquisition of him and his new show all the more special.

Breaking Bad castVince Gilligan brought this eclectic cast to life with Breaking Bad.

Gilligan actually wrote the pilot for the new show – a cop drama called Battle Creek - before Breaking Bad, but he probably won’t need it, or can turn it into the first episode, as his order is of the straight-to-series kind. CBS will produce 13 episodes of the brand new series.

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Emmy Awards 2013: Favourite 'Breaking Bad' Wins But 'House Of Cards' Makes History

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards are now officially over and the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles held quite an eventful award ceremony.

AMC's Breaking Bad was victorious, as predicted, at this year's Emmys, finally winning 'Outstanding Drama Series' after previously been overlooked for the past three years.

breaking bad
Bryan Cranston plays the anti-hero Walter White

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Cold Comes The Night Review


While this low-key thriller is strikingly well shot and acted, it never seems like it digs very far beneath the surface. So while we're intrigued by its twisty plot, we can't quite figure out what the point is or why we should care. Still, director Chun shows real skill at capturing a rural community while keeping the mood dark and nasty.

At a sleazy roadside motel, manager Chloe (Eve) is saving up the cash kickbacks she gets from the prostitutes who use the rooms. She's determined to move somewhere nicer with her young daughter Sophia (Parker), and now this is becoming urgent since social services is threatening to take Sophia into care if they don't move soon. Then things get complicated when the nearly blind thug Topo (Cranston) arrives. Separated from his assistant, he forces Chloe to help him recover the package he's meant to deliver. But that's been stolen by the hotheaded young cop Billy (Marshall-Green), who has a twisted past with Chloe. Which is why Billy's wife (Cummings) is furious that she's now coming round the house.

All of this takes place in a small town not far from the US-Canada border, where the autumn chill is beginning to bite. The film captures a terrific sense of isolation in this place, where everyone knows everyone else's business but pretends not to care. Eve gives Chloe a surprising tenacity as she bravely deals with Topo's demands, hoping maybe she'll get something out of it. Well, she has nothing to lose, and everyone seems to underestimate her desperation.

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Breaking Bad's 'Ozymandias' Attracts 6.4 Million Viewers

Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad continues to draw record breaking crowds in the lead up to its finale. The crime drama, following the exploits of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the chemistry teacher and crystal meth cook and his former student side-kick Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), has become one of the most talked about series in television history.

Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston
Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston at Lincoln Center & AMC celebration of Breaking Bad in New York.

Sunday night's episode, entitled Ozymandias, drew an audience of 6.4 million viewers, according to Nielson. This sets a record for the critically acclaimed drama. Recently the show has entered the Guinness Book of World Records, according to The Irish Times, by becoming the most critically acclaimed TV show of all time. 

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How Australian Prisoners Used 'Breaking Bad' In Real Life

Bryan Cranston

Such is Breaking Bad’s popularity; it often bleeds its way into real life situations. That’s what some bemused prison guards in Australia found out, as they came across hundreds of broken televisions due to the inmates copying Walter White’s ‘science moves’.

Walter WhiteWalter White weighing up some tough decisions in Breaking Bad


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Bryan Cranston's New Movie: Cold Comes The Night [Trailer]

Bryan Cranston Alice Eve

Bryan Cranston was in serious danger of typecasting himself as Hal, father of Malcolm in the Middle and his unruly brothers. And in those heady days of Breaking Bad season one, Walter White’s goofy, heavy-handed approach to his new line of work was reminiscent of the hapless dad Cranston once portrayed.

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston in Cold Comes the Night

Now, the multi award-winning actor is known by every TV fanatic, and, by extension, their friends who get ‘you have to watch Breaking Bad’ in their ear every five seconds as Mr. White – the meth-producing chemistry teacher who consistently dives in well over his head.

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Cold Comes The Night Trailer

Chloe is a financially unstable owner of a motel whose life is made all the more difficult by child protection services threatening to take her daughter Sophia away from her if she cannot relocate her to a safer residence. One day, when she hears a disturbance from one guest room, her world gets even more complicated when she discovers a dead body and bag full of cash. However, when the money goes missing, she and Sophia are held hostage by a partially sighted but dangerous Russian gangster who threatens to shoot Sophia if Chloe cannot help him retrieve the loot, which he believes has been stolen by a corrupted police officer. Now Chloe, who's been working in vain to care for her daughter to the best of her ability, faces the ultimate test of motherhood.

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Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck And Bryan Cranston Will Be In Michigan To Film Man Of Steel 2

Ben Affleck Bryan Cranston Henry Cavill

Now that its all-star yet controversial cast is pretty much in place, Man of Steel 2 has a filming location: Michigan, with possible jaunts to Morocco to film the meteor crash scenes. The sequel is expected to hire around 400 people in the area and is expected to generate $131 million in revenue.

Ben AffleckDoes Affleck care about the haters? Doesn't look like it

Director Zach Snyder stated: “Detroit is a great example of a quintessential American city, and I know it will make the perfect backdrop for our movie.” The Michigan city, which filed for bankruptcy last year, has also been the backdrop for Transformers 4

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How Much Of Walter White Will We See In Bryan Cranston's Lex Luthor?

Bryan Cranston Ben Affleck

Bryan Cranston’s casting as Lex Luthor seems to have hit the sweet spot for fans of the franchise. They have a recently minted – in terms of awards – actor to play a seminal role in Man of Steel 2. Cranston’s Walter White couldn’t be more popular right now. But how much of the egotistic, power-hungry Walt will we see in the similarly bald Lex Luthor?

Bryan CranstonCranston as Walter White - enthralling TV

Both Scientists

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Will Bryan Cranston Play Lex Luthor In New 'Man Of Steel' Film?

Bryan Cranston Henry Cavill Ben Affleck Matt Damon

Bryan Cranston could be about to break even badder, by donning the bald look once more for what would be his most sinister role to date; as Superman's arch nemesis Lex Luthor in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. The star of AMC's soon-to-end hit series Breaking Bad is apparently in advanced talks with Warner Bros. to take on one of comic book-land's most iconic villainous roles in the eagerly anticipated Superman sequel.

Bryan Cranston
Cranston may be about to break evil with his latest role

Cosmic Book News first announced that Cranston had already been cast alongside Henry Cavill and the controversial Batman choice, Ben Affleck, in the upcoming film, with the site adding that Cranston has signed a multi-movie deal that will see him star in cameo-like appearances as the super-villain, describing his role as being like that of Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the Marvel movies. The site also alleges that Warner Bros. are only holding out on the announcement because they want to wait for the end of Breaking Bad before they confirm anything.

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Walt Broke Bad And Hank Knows. What Do? - "Breaking Bad" Recap

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

In last night’s episode of Breaking Bad, boasting the slightly soap opera-ish title Confessions, Walt continued to openly and shamelessly manipulated his family, while Jesse continued his confused – not so much in this episode - search for identity. Now might be a good time to make that spoiler warning – anything you read ahead will probably contain a massive spoiler for the eleventh episode of season 5, so if you haven’t watched it, you might want to switch over to the Jesse Pinkman Guide For Identifying B*****s or something.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
We get it. He is the one who knocks.

The episode saw Hank still looking for a way to expose his brother-in-law as Heisenberg, which drove Walt to all but abandon any pretense that he wasn’t, in fact, a drug kingpin. During a particularly tense dinner with with Hank, Skyler and Marie, he shows Hank exactly why it wasn’t a good idea to mess with the real Heisenberg – in his most cold-blooded display to date, Walter plays an audio confession, exposing himself as the lowly chemist behind Heisenberg’s massive operation, while the real mastermind is exposed as agent Hank Shrader. The story makes perfect use of Hank’s notable temper outbursts, as well as his connection to Gus Fring.

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Bryan Cranston To Fill The Bald-Headed Shoes Of Lex Luther For SIX Films

Bryan Cranston Ben Affleck Henry Cavill Zack Snyder

The theory that Walter White’s meth empire crumbles, he assumes a new identity as Hal Wilkerson, marries a woman named Lois and fathers four boys – Malcolm, Reese, Dewy and Francis - has just been rendered useless: Bryan Cranston has been cast as Lex Luther.

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston outside Letterman

And don’t worry, that’s not a season five Breaking Bad Spoiler, the show doesn’t just morph into Malcolm in The Middle… or does it? It really doesn’t, honestly.

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Looking For Walter White’s Money? Breaking Bad GPS Numbers Won’t Help

Bryan Cranston

Those Breaking Bad GPS numbers might lead you to an in-joke, but six barrels of cold hard cash?

Think again. While Hank was desperately trying to secure the evidence needed to both arrest Walter White and end his own career, his newfound adversary was busy digging the evidence: money.

Bryan CranstonDecisions to weigh up - things are closing in for Walt

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Breaking Bad: Season Five, Episode 10 – The Tension Rises

Bryan Cranston Vince Gilligan

Two episodes in to the highly-anticipated return of Breaking Bad’s season five, and the landscape of the show has dramatically changed from when we were left dangling last September.

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadBryan Cranston as Walter White

Allegiances was the buzz word for ‘Buried’; Hank is set – he wants to bring Walter to his knees, shocked and traumatised by what his brother in law became, all the while unbeknown to him. And true to her character, Marie agrees.

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The Internet Takes On "Breaking Bad" - Top 5 Youtube Parodies (There Are No Cats, Sadly)

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

Let’s talk about Breaking Bad – again. It’s what the internet is talking about anyway. Breaking Bad parodies are sort of like the new Harlem Shake video, except they’re older than the Harlem Shake and quite a bit funnier, too. These are watchable past the third one. As it turns out, even something as serious as “the meth game” is subject to the noble art of parody. And when you mix Taylor Swift lyrics with degenerate criminals, hilarity ensues. So without further ado, here are this writer’s personal Top 5 Breaking Bad parodies, in no particular order.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
One thing Breaking Bad isn't is funny. Or so we thought.

We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together. Of course, the list has to start with the aforementioned Taylor Swift reference. Because it’s quite possibly the funniest thing out there. Walt and Jesse’s relationship is so perfectly summed up in some of the lyrics, it’s almost eerie. But we won’t spoil it for you. Watch below.

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Things To Look Forward To Beyond 'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul And Saul Goodman

Aaron Paul Bryan Cranston Anna Gunn Bob Odenkirk

The end of Breaking Bad is near; season five part two has finally started, and will wrap up after seven more episodes on September 27th. But don’t be too sad, we know it’ll be a thrill-ride, and once it’s over, there’s plenty more to look forward to.

Anna Gunn, Bryan Cranston and Aaron PaulAnna Gunn, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

The casting choice of Bryan Cranston as Walter White was a stroke of genius. His previous work as Hal in Malcolm in The Middle had some people confused, but eventually his reputation added to his transformation from goofy work-a-day father to drug lynchpin; that and his Emmy award-winning performances.

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'Breaking Bad' 2013 Premiere Draws Audience Of 5.9 Million

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad's final season premiered to an audience of 5.9 million. The critically acclaimed AMC drama, broke records on Sunday (11th August) by attracting a record breaking number of viewers. The number doubled the number who watched last year's opening episode.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul
Bryan Cranston (L) and Aaron Paul (R) at an AMC event celebrating the final episodes of Breaking Bad, held at Sony Picture Studios, L.A.

Breaking Bad follows the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), the high school chemistry teacher who, with the help of dealer Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), becomes Albuquerque's major crystal meth dealer. 

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Could "Hell On Wheels" Replace "Breaking Bad" As AMC's Token Weekend Dose Of Grit?

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Anson Mount

There’s a lot to watch out for this weekend, as various shows kick off new seasons (and of course, there are the Teen Choice Awards tonight, for the five people, who still watch those), but the big winner is, without a doubt, AMC. The channel, which started off introducing its viewers to old, classic (more or less) movies from the comfort of their own home, has definitely moved on to bigger and, uh, more morally questionable things – this is now the channel that brings you The Walking Dead, Mad Men and, finally, this weekend, the season premieres of Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
Walter White returns tonight for one last hurrah.

There are still a few hours to go, before we come face to face with the monster that became of Walter White – let’s face it, none of us can stop watching – but the premiere of Hell on Wheels was last night and it left many people wondering, could this be AMC’s next Breaking Bad-scale hit?

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Chemistry Gone Bad - Where Breaking Bad (Rarely) Gets It Wrong

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

It’s Breaking Bad weekend! Well, almost – the now iconic show returns for its final 8-episode run this Sunday and it’s all anyone can talk about – this staff writer included, of course. So, without further ado, here are the top four facts we bet you didn’t know about Breaking Bad (and which, objectively, you probably don’t need to know.)

Bryan Cranston, Ed Sullivan Theatre
Bryan Cranston looking almost as badass as his character.

1. The meth crystals shouldn’t be blue. According to a recent article in The Business Insider, the crystals of supposedly ultra-uber-pure methamphetamine that Walter White is known for producing… should be clear. If they didn’t have any impurities, the crystals should be completely clear and even impurities (or a special ingredient by Walt) should not give them a blue, but rather, a yellowish tinge. So does that mean the secret ingredient is love? We doubt it.

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As Breaking Bad's Final Season Approaches Writers And Actors Discuss Death And Character Rifts

Aaron Paul Vince Gilligan Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad's final season has created speculation amongst fans and even the show's own writers, as to how to kill off the characters.

Vince Gilligan
The producer and creator of Breaking Bad, Vinci Gilligan, at The Film Society of Lincoln Center and AMC's celebration of the show, Lincoln Center, New York.

The eight-part final series promises high tension and the continuation of violent deaths. The inevitable possibility of ending Breaking Bad by killing off the lead character is causing the show's writers some sleepless nights. Vince Gilligan, the producer and creator, is leading the team of writers who cannot decide on how to kill off one of the show's lead characters. 

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StePhest Colbchella Kicks Off With Stephen Colbert Skating Into Our Hearts To The Sound Of 'Get Lucky'

Stephen Colbert Daft Punk Hugh Laurie Jeff Bridges Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel Jon Stewart Bryan Cranston

Stephen Colbert’s political satire might be top notch, but his dance skills are not to be overestimated. Last night, the Colbert Report host strapped on a pair of roller skates and boogied down to the sound of 'Get Lucky' – the Daft Punk/Pharrell Williams hit that’s become the inescapable soundtrack to this summer. The, um, energetic performance served as the kickoff for Colbert’s summer series of concerts or “StePhest Colbchella ‘013” – it’s what the cool kids call it.

Stephen Colbert, Tribeca Film Fest
Who knew Colbert posessed such hidden talents?

But, of course, the host dancing all by himself would have been a bit sad, so instead he brought in some friends – Hugh Laurie, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and even Colbert’s former colleague, Jon Stewart – still on leave from The Daily Show – joined in with some tight moves. Colbert’s moves turned out to be too much for the Colbert Report studio, so the shenanigans infiltrated the America’s Got Talent stage and even an interview with Bryan Cranston and the rest of the Breaking Bad cast – at which point Cranston simply joined in for an amazing 70s themed dance routine. We couldn’t do it justice. Just watch the video:

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Video - Bryan Cranston And His Co-Stars Arrive At Lincoln Center To Celebrate Last Episodes Of 'Breaking Bad'

The cast of TV drama 'Breaking Bad' arrive for The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York where AMC celebrate that last episodes of the TV series. The stars including creator Vince Gilligan and main star Bryan Cranston sign autographs and take pictures with fans outside the venue.

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Breaking Bad's Winning Streak Continues At Television Critics Association Awards

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Barbara Walters

Breaking Bad, the TV drama, which is just heading into its final 8-episode run, won top honors at this Saturday’s TV Critics Association Awards. The show won for program of the year among a number of highly acclaimed and successful TV productions, some of which don’t typically get recognized by the Emmys.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Emmy Lot
Breaking Bad emerged as the topic of the night.

Game of Thrones was another one of the night’s biggest winners, taking the honor in the category of best drama, while Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation had to split the title of best comedy. Tatiana Maslany of BBC America’s Orphan Black and Louis CK of FX’s Louis were both recognised as outstanding achievement in the drama and comedy categories, respectively, while Barbara Walters received the career achievement award. For Walters, the award comes right on the heels of her announcement that she will be retiring from broadcast journalism in a years time. This was probably why the TV Critics Association chose his particular time to honor Walters with the distinction.

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Check Out Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Drive The Breaking Bad RV [Pictures]

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

Possibly the most symbolic visual from Breaking Bad, ‘the RV’ gave Walter and Jesse a way to cook meth – they could drive out way into the desert and knock up a batch of the blue stuff, far safer than setting up on Jesse’s basement, as we all know. Spoilers ahead, just so you know. 

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadThere's the iconic yellow smoke, but where are the bullit holes?

So to see that hulking great piece of metal cruise on up – driven by none other than the show’s star, Bryan Cranston – at the premiere of the Breaking Bad special screening at Sony was a real treat. This was a celebration of the last eight episodes of season five, which are due to air on August 11th.

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Bryan Cranston Dons Heisenberg Mask As He Hides In Plain Sight At Comic Con

Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston found a novel way to mingle with fans and explore the stalls of the San Diego Comic Con International; by wearing a mask that is the exact replica of your own face. Cranston donned a bald, goateed latex mask as he navigated the San Diego convention, and no-one was any wiser that the guy who was dressed up as Walter White at Comic Con was actually Walter White himself.

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Breaking Bad Cast Talk Season Five - Get Ready For A Thrill Ride

Bryan Cranston Anna Gunn Vince Gilligan

If there’s one criticism of Breaking Bad (sorry don’t pelt me with eggs) is that the action slows down to accommodate some pretty high-octane stuff towards the ends of seasons one and two. From season three onwards, though, the action is relentless and many a sleeve was chewed through while Walt did his ‘thing’.

And it looks as though writer and creator Vince Gilligan has maintained the same formula to wrap the show as we enter the final eight episodes of season five in August. Well, that’s according to the cast anyway.

"This season slaughters every past season," Aaron Paul, who plays fans’ favourite Jesse Pinkman, says. "We're burning every bridge, but we're not being dark just to be dark. It just plummets."

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Is Comic-Con Still Just For Geeks?

Bryan Cranston Christian Bale Robert Downey Jr Chris Evans

Comic Con has always been the Mecca of the geek. Whether it’s showcasing the latest superhero movie, a Q&A session with a prominent comic book writer or a season reveal of the latest sci-fi franchise; it’s always been for geeks, by geeks. But what about this year?

Iron Man 3Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

The last decade has seen a rise in popularity of geek culture, culminating in the ever-popular U.S sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, featuring four lovable geeks and their supposedly ‘normal’ neighbor Penny. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj all eulogize Comic-Con in the show, and like many of so-called geeks who identify these characters, they collect innumerable fantasy and sci-fi object D’art.

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Comic-Con 2013: 10 Things You Really Don't Want To Miss

Kristen Bell Comic-Con Rob Thomas Jason Dohring Enrico Colantoni Ryan Hansen Chris Lowell Andrew Lincoln David Morrissey Norman Reedus Joss Whedon Josh Radnor Neil Patrick Harris Jason Segel Alyson Hannigan Cristin Milioti Bryan Cranston Aaron Paul Vince Gilligan David Duchovny Gillian Anderson Chris Carter Michael C. Hall Jennifer Carpenter George Clooney Alfonso Cuaron Sandra Bullock Jennifer Lawrence

Geeks of the world unite, for San Diego Comic Con 2013 is finally here. The cast and creators of your favorite cult television shows and movies are descending on the Californian city to tease new series', reveal casting details and give away tons of free stuff.

This place is like Glastonbury - it's impossible for you to see everything you want to see - so you're just gonna have to accept the inevitable clashes and focus on our Top 10 events that you really don't want to miss.

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Woah, Maybe Bryan Cranston Isn't All That Different From Walter White?

Bryan Cranston Walk Of Fame

Bryan Cranston's GQ profile this month is certainly revealing. Probably realising that everyone's going to watch the Breaking Bad finale episodes anyway, the America actor gave the magazine what it really wanted: an admittance of violent urges, of course.

Cranston, who plays meth-lord Walter White on AMC's staple show, explained how he wanted to kill an ex-girlfriend who was an unstable drug addict. One day, the woman - whom he dated after his short-lived marriage - showed up at his Upper West Side apartment and began pounding the door. "And I envisioned myself killing her. It was so clear," said the Emmy-winning actor. 

"My apartment had a brick wall on one side, and I envisioned opening the door, grabbing her by the hair, dragging her inside, and shoving her head into that brick wall until brain matter was dripping down the sides of it. 

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Bryan Cranston Was Closer To Walter White Than You Might Think

Bryan Cranston

While everyone can relate to Breaking Bad's Walter White in some senses – the want to provide, the feeling of inadequacy and helplessness – there are some sides of his character that most of us won’t empathise with, namely the drug manufacturing, murdering and blackmail.

Bryan CranstonCranston has won many plaudits for his role as Walter White

And it’s that middle one – the murdering – that came to Cranston, who has won awards for his portrayal of White in Breaking Bad. The actor has admitted to phoning the police on himself once for plotting to murder his own girlfriend in his head.

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Plenty In Store For The TV Geeks Among Us With Comic-Con 2013’s Schedule

Bryan Cranston Matt Smith Doctor Who

It’s nearly that time of year again – Comic-Con is just round the corner, and with a jam-packed schedule on offer for film buffs, comic book collectors and box set boffins, 2013 is promising to be the year of the geek.

Matt Smith Dr WhoMatt Smith filming for Dr Who's 50th anniversary show

And the year of the geek is the year of TV – this year’s event features a lot of brilliant TV appearances, kicking off with the legendary sci fi epic, Dr. Who. Actors Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman will be joined by lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and writer/executive producer Mark Gatiss to talk about the show, and celebrate its 50 year anniversary.

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Lena Dunham And Frank Ocean Among TIME 100 Gala Honourees For 2013 [Photos]

Lena Dunham Frank Ocean Jimmy Fallon Jimmy Kimmel Bryan Cranston Christina Aguilera Michael Kors Claire Danes Hugh Dancy Arianna Huffington Roma Downey Padma Lakshmi Amy Poehler

Frank Ocean at the TIME 100 Gala in New York
Frank Ocean at the TIME 100 Gala in New York 

It was the annual TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday night (April 23rd 2013) celebrating this year's most influential faces from world leaders to movie stars and the red carpet was full of stars waiting to congratulate the 2013 list.

Grammy winning superstar Christina Aguilera dazzled at Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York looking classy and much trimmer than she has been in recent months and making the TIME'S 100 Most Influential People In The World list in the Artists category. She was joined by 2013 Grammy and BRIT artist Frank Ocean who has dominated the R&B industry with his spectacular debut album 'Channel Orange' and his rather inspiring love life confessions. Talk show hosts Jimmy Fallon (of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon') and Jimmy Kimmel (of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!') were also present, as was 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston whose crime drama has won him a Primetime Emmy. Lena Dunham landed a place in the Icons category for her comedy show 'Girls' which has won her a Golden Globe. Other honourees included Perry Chen, the founder of Kickstarter - a creative project fund-raising website, who reached the Pioneers list, and fashion designer Michael Kors who hit the list of influential Titans of the world.

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Breaking Bad Spinoff? ‘Better Call Saul’ Considered By AMC

Bryan Cranston

Saul Goodman is one of the more light-hearted characters in an increasingly dark Breaking Bad. His way with words, that cheesy smile and questionable legality have made him a fans’ favorite as he assists Walter White on his trials and tribulations.

So what better way to capitalize on his popularity than a spin-off series? Breaking Bad will finally culminate with the second half of season 5 being released this summer. The mid-season finale ended with a bombshell, so fans are eagerly awaiting the conclusion come June. But it would appear as though AMC isn’t ready to let go of their prize franchise, and are considering prolonging with shelf life of ABQ’s most questionable lawyer. “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spinoff,” said the show’s creator Vince Gilligan in a July 2012 interview. “I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He’ll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun — I would like that.”

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston plays Walter White in Breaking Bad

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World War Z Trailer

Gerry Lane is a government employee whose job takes him on missions he never imagined he would take when a terrifying pandemic sweeps the globe. His idyllic family life with his loving wife and two young daughters is shaken when martial law is thrown into practise as a deadly rampage of bloodthirsty creatures ensues, consuming the entirety of Russia and is on the brink of overpowering the US. Humankind will come to an end in 90 days unless Gerry and other government officials can find a cure for the quickly spreading disease and discover the creatures' weakness. He does his best to fly his family to safety in a helicopter, but nobody is immune and his mission looks almost impossible as hundred foot walls aren't even big enough to keep the undead monsters at bay as they crawl easily across cities like insects. Will humankind unite once and for all to fight the biggest global threat in history?

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The Ten Best Films Of 2012

Ang Lee Suraj Sharma Marion Cotillard Jacques Audiard Jean-Louis Trintignant Emmanuelle Riva Alice Lowe Steve Oram Ben Affleck Bryan Cranston Aubrey Plaza Mark Duplass Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Denis Lavant Edith Scob

A range of intelligent blockbusters, inventive foreign films and beautifully crafted storytelling made 2012 a good year at the cinema...

Life Of Pi Poster1. Life Of Pi
Ang Lee's clever, thoughtful adaptation of Yann Martel's acclaimed novel is an unexpected work of art. It's also one of the richest, most challenging, most visually spectacular movies we've ever seen.
Starring: Suraj Sharma & Irrfan Khan
Read the review of Life Of Pi Here!

Rust And Bone film still
2. Rust & Bone
French filmmaker Jacques Audiard follows up his amazing prison drama A Prophet with this startlingly edgy, tough-minded romance about two deeply wounded people who find each other.
Starring: Marion Cotillard & Matthias Schoenaerts.
Read the review of Rust And Bone Here!

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Has Silver Linings Playbook Got Robert De Niro Back Into Oscars Contention?

Robert De Niro Philip Seymour Hoffman Alan Arkin Bryan Cranston Russell Crowe

David O'Russell's new movie Silver Linings Playbook, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, appears to have a one-way ticket to the Oscars ceremony in February. Strong reviews for the movie with an all-star cast means it's likely to be competing for the major prizes in 2013. Lawrence is the massive favorite to win best actress, Cooper will battle Daniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix for best actor, though could Robert De Niro win his first Academy Award since 1981? (Raging Bull)

De Niro plays the father of Pat Solitano, a former school teacher who loses everything - his house, his job and his wife. Living back home with his parents, (mother played by Jacki Weaver), Pat attempts to rebuild his life and meets the mysterious Tiffany, played by Lawrence. De Niro is superb throughout, and is likely to be nominated for best supporting Actor, though can he go all the way? There's an interesting group of contenders this year, with Philip Seymour Hoffman a shoo-in for a nomination. His L. Ron Hubbard style character in The Master won fierce praise from critics, and the 45-year-old is a favorite of the Academy for sure. Ben Affleck could win best director for Argo, while the movie is the frontrunner for best picture, though it also has a couple of supporting performances worth a shout. Bryan Cranston plays a CIA officer in the political drama and has made a huge name for himself in Hollywood for his performances as Walter White in Breaking Bad - easily one of the finest characters in television drama for years. In the same movie, Alan Arkin also turns in a fine comedic performance with Jon Goodman and, of course, the Little Miss Sunshine actor has had his hands on the supporting actor gong before. Tommy Lee Jones is likely to get a nomination for Lincoln, while Leonardo DiCaprio will be disappointed to not make the shortlist for his turn as the evil Calvin Candie in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

Outsiders for a shot at the statuette include Javier Bardem for Skyfall, Russell Crowe for Les Miserables and William H Macy for The Sessions. Let's be clear, Philip Seymour Hoffman will take all the beating here, though De Niro's performance will not be ignored by the Academy. His co-star Bradley Cooper said it would be "insane" should he win Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook and it certainly would be unthinkable for Daniel Day-Lewis not to walk away with that award come February, but best supporting actor? That's not so clear cut.

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World War Z Trailer

Gerry Lane is a United Nations employee with a family life anyone would wish for. When he, his wife Karen and his two daughters venture out for the day, not even the deadlocked city traffic can spoil their contentment with each other's company. However, when screaming starts to become heard in the distance and explosions are going off left, right and center, it begins to look like this won't be a regular family day out. Gerry does his best with his knowledge and his contacts to protect his family and fly them by helicopter to a safe location on the ocean as hoards and hoards of the raging, flesh-eating undead take over the city, filling up every street and every square. He is enlisted by the government to help find the cause of this outbreak, which is spreading rapidly across the world, wipe it out and salvage what's left of their beloved planet. 


'World War Z' has been adapted from the novel 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War' by Max Brooks; a sequel to his book 'The Zombie Survival Guide'. Directed by Marc Forster and written by Damon Lindelof and Matthew Michael Carnahan, this dystopian zombie movie is by far one of the most horrific and deadly zombie movies to ever be released in Hollywood and will hit UK screens on June 21st 2013.

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Argo Review


Ben Affleck leaps on to the A-list of directors with this relentlessly entertaining thriller, combining comedy and nerve-jangling suspense to maximum effect. Based on a declassified story that's unbelievable but true, the film is also clear-eyed about politics without ever getting lost in the big issues. Instead, it keeps us engaged through terrific characters who are beautifully played by a lively cast.

As Iran's 1979 revolution boiled over into street protests over America's assistance to the deposed Shah, rioters stormed the US embassy and took 52 Americans hostage. In the chaos, six staffers snuck out the back door and took refuge in the home of the Canadian ambassador (Garber). With the Iranians on their trail, the CIA chief (Cranston) decides to try to get them out, and Agent Tony Mendez (Affleck) comes up with a wild idea: he creates a fake sci-fi movie called Argo with the help of a veteran producer (Arkin) and an Oscar-winning make-up artist (Goodman), so the six escapees can pose as a Canadian location-scouting crew and leave the country.

Yes, this plan sounds utterly ridiculous, but the fake Argo is exactly the kind of cheesy Star Wars rip-off everyone was trying to make at the time, so the idea of scouting colourful Iranian locations isn't as far-fetched as it seems. And screenwriter Terrio keeps us laughing as Mendez and his Hollywood cohorts concoct this elaborate scam. These scenes are so good that Arkin and Goodman walk off with the whole movie, giving loose, witty supporting turns that are likely to be remembered in awards season. Affleck gets in on the fun as well, then also effortlessly takes on the more intense action scenes to hold the whole film together.

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Awards Already Rolling In For Ben Affleck's Argo

Ben Affleck Bryan Cranston John Goodman

It might not be Oscar season yet but Argo has already started filling up the trophy cabinet. At the 16th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala, the cast of Argo – which includes Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston and John Goodman – were honored with the Hollywood Ensemble Acting Award. The event was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, yesterday (October 22, 2012), reports.

Ben Affleck leads the ensemble cast in this dramatic thriller, based on the true events of November 1979, when militants stormed the US embassy in Tehran, during the height of the Iranian revolution. 52 Americans were taken hostage but in the chaos, six Americans managed to escape. They sought refuge in the home of the Canadian Ambassador Ken Taylor and the CIA are asked to intervene.

The movie has received high praise since it debuted at the Telluride Film Festival in August 2012 and already, Oscar nods are being bandied about, with many claiming that this is Ben Affleck’s finest work to date. It’s received a 95% score rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site and such glowing reviews will surely serve Argo well when it comes to awards season at the start of next year. Peter Travers, writing for Rolling Stone, seemed to sum up the general attitude towards Argo, pretty succinctly: “Ben Affleck doesn't merely direct Argo, he directs the hell out of it, nailing the quickening pace, the wayward humor, the nerve-frying suspense. There's no doubt he's crafted one of the best movies of the year.”

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Review


Instead of developing the characters or situations for comedy gold, the filmmakers instead just crank up the chaos. So while some scenes are both funny and visually impressive, this second sequel is simply too inane to make us hope there will be a part 4. Very young kids may be distracted by the hectic pacing and hyperactive characters, but everyone else will quickly be bored by the nonstop mayhem, simply because there's nothing interesting going on.

Anxious lion Alex (Stiller), chatty zebra Marty (Rock), nerdy giraffe Melman (Schwimmer) and silly hippo Gloria (Smith) are living a Lion King-style existence in Africa, although their only hope for escape has just flown away. Namely, the brainy penguins and their monkey assistants. So our heroes follow them to Monaco, where they all end up on the run from the notorious animal control agent Dubois (McDormand). They run straight into a failing circus, which they set out to bring back to its glory days so they can catch the eye of an American promoter and go home to New York. To do this means working with the current circus acts: sultry cheetah Gia (Chastain), dorky sea lion Stefano (Short) and tetchy tiger Vitaly (Cranston).

The circus premise lets the filmmakers have a lot of visual fun with the characters, most notably in a riotously colourful Cirque du Soleil-on-acid performance in London. But the plot makes no sense at all (if they can get to Monaco, surely they could get to New York, right?), and there are so many new characters that the central quartet feels almost sidelined. Especially since they've also wedged in an under-developed romance for the lemur king (Baron Cohen). Yes, it's all over the place, and being busy is not the same thing as being clever or funny.

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Video - Michael Douglas, Glenn Close And Bryan Cranston Are Snapped Outside The Time Warner Centre NY

'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' producer Michael Douglas smiles at photographers but doesn't stop to pose for pictures as they snap him leaving the Time Warner Centre in New York City. He is closely followed by '101 Dalmations' star Glenn Close who pauses briefly when she is asked for a photo but Bryan Cranston who leaves the building next is hurried off very abruptly by his assistant.

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Argo - Trailer Trailer

When the Iranian Revolution protests began to take place in 1979, their main target was the US embassy in Tehran. It didn't take long for an army of militant Islamic extremists to infiltrate the building and seize 52 American citizens as hostages with only six victims managing to escape and take refuge inside the Canadian ambassador's home. It is decided that the six escapees must be found and smuggled out of Tehran before they are killed. Tony Mendez is a CIA officer specialising in covert government operations who is enlisted by the government to conceive a plan of exfiltration. His plan involves him and his team travelling to Iran under the guise of a film crew preparing to shoot a pretend movie called 'Argo'. However, as is expected, not everyone is confident in this less than risk free operation.

'Argo' is loosely based on a true story depicted in the real Tony Mendez' account of the events that took place during the hostage crisis as well as an article written in Wired in 2007 called 'How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran' by Joshuah Bearman. It has been directed and starred in by Ben Affleck ('Good Will Hunting', 'Pearl Harbor') and written by Chris Terrio ('Heights') and will be released in US theaters on October 12th 2012.

Starring: Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, Scoot McNairy, Rory Cochrane, Christopher Denham, Kerry Bishe, Kyle Chandler, Chris Messina, Zeljko Ivanek & Titus Welliver.

Total Recall Review

Audiences weren't exactly clamouring for a remake of that 1990 sci-fi hit starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, but here we are. The filmmakers promised to return more closely to Philip K. Dick's original story, but instead they merely lift visual references from a series of much more involving movies. And with only one decently realised character on the screen, the only other thing to hold our interest is the way it looks.

That one good character is Doug, played with real depth by Farrell. After a chemical war has left just two inhabitable spots on earth (Britain and Australia), Doug is working as a robotics engineer and living a quiet life with his wife Lori (Beckinsale). But he keeps dreaming about running for his life with another woman (Biel), so he heads to a Rekall memory-implant centre to clear his mind. Of course he instead opens a can of worms, discovering that he's not who he thinks he is. But what's the truth? And who's side he really working for - the totalitarian chancellor (Cranston) or the violent rebel leader (Nighy)?

Continue reading: Total Recall Review

Detachment Review

An almost overpowering sense of hopelessness makes this education-system drama difficult to watch. Fortunately, it's directed and acted with enough sensitivity to stir our sympathies. Although we're not sure we want to go wherever this bleak story might be heading.

Henry (Brody) takes a month-long assignment teaching at a tough school run by beleaguered principal Carol (Harden). Unflappable in the face of the unruly students, he calmly tries to get through to the teens. He clicks with fellow teacher Sarah (Hendricks). As a substitute, Henry's job is to maintain order, which seems like an impossible challenge. So he instead reaches out to a teen hooker (Gayle), thinking he might actually be able to make a difference in her life. But he can't help but wonder if he's doing more harm than good.

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Rock Of Ages Review

Very Good
This raucous trawl through 80s power ballads, rock anthems and gigantic hair is a lot of fun, partly because it throws so many big stars into against-type roles in which they get to sing and dance. But the plot couldn't be any thinner or it wouldn't exist at all.

Small-town girl Sherrie (Hough) takes the bus to 1987 Hollywood to become a rock star. There she meets Drew (Boneta), who has the same dream and works in the famed Bourbon Room on the Sunset Strip. He convinces the owner (Baldwin) to hire her as a barmaid just as diva-rocker Stacee Jaxx (Cruise) comes to play a major gig. Buzzing around him are a Rolling Stone journalist (Akerman) wanting an interview and a right-winger (Zeta-Jones) trying to protect the children from the evils of rock-n-roll.

Continue reading: Rock Of Ages Review

Red Tails Review

An inspiring true story from American military history provides plenty of drama and adventure, even if the over-earnest approach makes it seem rather silly at times. If it weren't for the engaging cast and thrilling aerial combat sequences, the film would be hard to get through.

During WWII, black pilots trained in Tuskegee, Alabama, were sidelined in the segregated US forces. But Colonel Ballard (Howard) gets them an assignment accompanying bombers on raids in Italy. Led by Major Stance (Gooding), the team includes hot-shot Lightning (Oyelowo), self-doubting Easy (Parker), eager Junior (Wilds) and the even less-defined Smoky (Ne-Yo) and Joker (Kelley). As they square off against their Luftwaffe nemesis (van Riesen), the Tuskegee airmen's distinctive red-tailed planes develop a first-rate reputation that begins to break down racial barriers.

Continue reading: Red Tails Review

Total Recall Trailer

It is an uneasy period in human history, with the nation states of Euromerica and New Shanghai vying for supremacy a factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to question this new world order. With the questions mounting in his head it seems that the only thing that can clear his head is a decent vacation and Rekall looks to be the company to help him out with this desire.

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Rock of Ages Trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming Rock of Ages movie adaption gives us much more to contemplate as the June 15th release date draws ever closer. The upcoming musical comedy features hits from the likes of Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister and Whitesnake to name but a few.

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Trailer

After escaping to Africa from Madagascar, Alex the lion; Gloria the hippo; Melman the giraffe and Marty the zebra decide it's time to head back to New York once and for all. Unfortunately, they have to rely on the penguins - Skipper; Kowalski; Rico and Private - and the two chimpanzees, Mason and Phil and their combined mechanical knowledge, to get them back home. Nothing can go wrong this time, though, can it?

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Detachment Trailer

Henry Barthes is a highly recommended substitute teacher, a compliment he doesn't really accept. His latest job is subbing at an inner city high school for a month, where exam grades are slipping; the pupils are unruly and the head teacher is under fire for the decline in standards there.

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John Carter Review

While trailers make this look like an effects-heavy sci-fi mess, the film is actually a rollicking adventure firmly centred on characters rather than the creatures or action. It's an involving, strikingly well-made action drama.

At the end of the American Civil War, John Carter (Kitsch) is in Arizona looking for gold when a strange artefact in a cave transports him to Mars, known locally as Barsoom. Getting used to the lower gravity is one thing, but he's soon captured by green, 15-foot-tall Tharks, who have four limbs plus tusks on the sides of their faces. He earns the respect of leader Tars Tarkas (Dafoe), but when he rescues Helium's Princess Dejah (Collins), he ends up in the middle of the war between red human kingdoms Helium and Zodanga.

Continue reading: John Carter Review

Red Tails Trailer

In the height of World War II, the American Army have devised an experimental training programme, known as the Tuskegee Training Programme, that consists of African American soldiers. Despite their hard work training, they are beginning to lose hope that they will ever fight in the war. Discrimination in the army was so rife, the men were often seen as unable to fight for their country.

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Contagion Review

Soderbergh applies his brainier brand of filmmaking to the global outbreak thriller genre, and the result is a hugely gripping blockbuster that never talks down to its audience. It's also terrifyingly believable as we watch a deadly flu virus spread around the world.

In Minneapolis, Mitch (Damon) is horrified when his wife (Paltrow) comes home from a business trip to China, collapses with the flu and dies. But she's only the first of a series of similar cases around the world, and soon officials from the Centers for Disease Control (Winslet, Fishburne and Ehle) and the World Health Organisation (Cotillard) are on the case, trying to manage emerging clusters while tracing the disease back to its source. Meanwhile, a blog hack (Law) is pestering a San Francisco scientist (Gould) for a cure.

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Drive Review

Based on the James Sallis novel, this lean, stylish thriller is confidently assembled to pull us into an outrageous series of events. And it's no surprise that Refn won best director at Cannes for his fine work here.

A young Hollywood stunt driver (Gosling) moonlights as a getaway driver, overseen by his mentor Shannon (Cranston), who has just negotiated a partnership with businessman Bernie (Brooks) and his shady partner Nino (Perlman). But the driver's isolated life is breached when he gets to know single mother Irene (Mulligan) and her young son (Leos) who live in his building. And when Irene's husband (Isaac) is released from prison, the driver offers to help clear an old score so he can start with a fresh slate. Of course, nothing goes as planned.

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Last Flag Flying Trailer

Last Flag Flying Trailer

After hearing about the tragic death of his Marine son during his service in the...

Power Rangers - Featurette, Clip  Trailer

Power Rangers - Featurette, Clip Trailer

Zack Taylor (Ludi Lin), Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott), Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler), Trini (Becky G)...

Power Rangers Trailer

Power Rangers Trailer

Kimberly Hart, Trini, Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor and Billy Cranston are a group of...

Why Him? Movie Review

Why Him? Movie Review

Writer-director John Hamburg continues to recycle the formula that made his first hit Meet the...

Why Him? Trailer

Why Him? Trailer

Stephanie has always been a very intelligent girl and both her parents were joyous when...

Power Rangers - Teaser Trailer

Power Rangers - Teaser Trailer

Go Go Power Rangers! Billy Cranston, Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan and Zack...

The Infiltrator Trailer

The Infiltrator Trailer

Robert 'Bob' Mazur is a federal agent who has been assigned the task of going...

Get A Job Trailer

Get A Job Trailer

Will and Jillian are in love and both have recently graduated collage. Jillian managed to...

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Review

This animated trilogy concludes on a very high note with this smart, involving and often...

Trumbo Movie Review

Trumbo Movie Review

An entertaining film about sobering true events, this is the story of notorious screenwriter Dalton...