An actor best known for his role in Breaking Bad is running for office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Steven Michael Quezada played Steven Gomez, Hank’s D.E.A. partner in the hit AMC show. He served the public in the series but how, taking a break from acting, he’s setting his sights on the role of County Commissioner.

Steven Michael Quezada and George LopezSteven Michael Quezada (L) and George Lopez (R) at a Celebrity Golf Pre-Party in Hollywood in May 2014.

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52-year-old Quezeda is originally from Albuquerque and is seeking to be elected in the state’s most populous county, Bernalillo County. The county includes the Hispanic South Valley, which has been home to Mexican and Spanish families for centuries, according to Visit Albuquerque. Reports also suggest there is a threat of further development in the area which activists claim would take water away from nearby communities.

Speaking to AP, Quezeda explained his decision to run, citing the need for more Mexican-American elected officials in U.S. government. He is also hoping to encourage more people of Hispanic descent to get involved in politics and the democratic process.

"I think I bring a new face to the Democratic Party," Quezada said. "We need to reach out to our young people — the young Chicanos, the young Latinos — and get them involved in this process and let them know this is important."

Although the actor confirmed the news to AP, Quezeda is expected to make the formal announcement of his run on Tuesday (21st July).

Quezeda starred opposite Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul in Breaking Bad, which was set in Albuquerque, between 2008 and 2013. In addition to Breaking Bad, he’s appeared in such films as Spare Parts and has small roles in other television series including in BBC’s Crash and The After After Party.

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