If you trawl through forums, you’ll find many Breaking Bad alternate ending jokes, but the most prolific of which is Hal, from Malcolm in The Middle, waking up in the middle of the night from a nightmare that he created and ran a dangerous meth empire. Spoilers are ahead, be warned. 

Breaking Bad Hazmat CostumeSo, this never happened? Yeah science B!

And while it’s easily the least original Breaking Bad joke out there, Cranston n co were still game for a laugh, and filmed a ridiculous Breaking Bad ending for fans to at least see – ostensibly – Walter White in his truest form: a weeping man, terrified of his own wife and kids.

The clip, which is systematically being taken down by Sony for copyright infringements, so much so we’re not even going to bother putting the video in this article, contains a whole host of in-jokes.

See if you can find it here

Walt, or Hal, we don’t even really know, described Hank as a police guy that looks “like that guy from The Shield,” and Jesse? He’s “this other little guy, a waif, a man-child, a kid who always looked like he was wearing his older brother’s clothes” and used “the B-word” a lot. “Yay science B-word!” he shouts.

It’s testament to Cranston – a mult-award winner for his role as Walter White – that he can add levity to what was a pretty dark ending. In case you needed reminding, Walter concocts a plan to a) get his money to his family by scaring the living daylights out of Gretchen and Elliot Schwartze and b) take revenge on everyone who wronged him. His death – and this is open to opinion – probably wasn’t part of the plan, but considering the impending doom for him and his family should he have been caught, it came as a bonus.

The ending has been roundly praised by critics and fans alike for tying up the show neatly.

Breaking Bad bathtub sceneAnd what a nightmare it was