Before Breaking Bad became the biggest TV phenomenon since, well, TV started, Bryan Cranston was best known as the loveably hapless Hal, from the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle. Whilst he has gone on to immortalise himself as the meth kingpin Walter White/Heisenberg in Breaking Bad, there are many who still remember Cranston best for his turn as the head of the Malcolm... household, which will no doubt make this alternative ending all the sweeter for those who do.

Walter White
The alternative ending is much less dramatic than this one

The alternative ending, due to appear in the extras content on the upcoming series box set of Breaking Bad, plays heavily on the fan theories surrounding both of Cranston's most popular appearances on the small screen. Many have speculated that the events of Malcolm in the Middle follow on from Breaking Bad, or vice versa, and this brilliant parody plays exceptionally well on this fan theory. Pairing Cranston with his Malcolm... co-star Jane Kaczmarek once again, the new ending imagines that Hal has dreamt the entirety of the Breaking Bad set up.

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This alternative ending might come as a let down for some fans though, especially those hoping for a more serious alternative ending, but for those who have a connection to both shows in particular, you'll love this ending. And hey, maybe the box set will include more than one alternative ending after all.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series will be released on 23 November and is available to pre-order now. It includes the entire series, plus extras, housed in a barrel fit to dissolve a body in and includes a number of other goodies, including a Los Pollos Hermanos apron and more. A spin-off series, centred around Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman, is already in the works, titled Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad
The series box set will be out in time for Christmas