When The Wire and The Sopranos were in their pomp, social networking wasn’t a dominant force. Breaking Bad’s reach is far further than any of its boxset predecessors due to two things: sheer quality and increased communications.

Bryan CranstonHe's just annoyed he didn't win his widefronts back

And now, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can own a part of the show as it reaches its crescendo next week. You must understand, there are spoilers throughout this.

So you want to ride around in Tio’s wheelchair, ring his bell? You might fancy cuddling up to the pink teddybear that fell from the sky – subtly predicating Gus’s fate. You could keep anything in that Los Pollos batter bucket, even Walter White’s iconic white briefs.

"I think ‘Breaking Bad’ is more than a television show. It’s become a cultural phenomenon," Screenbid’s Chief Creative Officer Joshua Weinstein told FoxNews.com Live. "People just love it and I’m one of those people who loves it and I’ve gotta tell you, it’s been so much fun going in and looking at all these important pieces from the show; things that really resonate with me and I figure if they resonate with me, they’ve gotta be resonating with some of the fans, as well."

Watch the Breaking Bad gag-reel, just for fun.

Perhaps the most expensive item will be Skyler’s jeep. Costume, set design and props in Breaking Bad were thought of extensively. From Walter White’s weir car in the first season, to his legendary hat; from the RV to the architecture of Albuquerque itself – everything has a unique part to play in the show. But if we were being picky, we would have liked to have seen one of Jesse’s hoodies, or Gael’s lab notes book in there.