If there’s one criticism of Breaking Bad (sorry don’t pelt me with eggs) is that the action slows down to accommodate some pretty high-octane stuff towards the ends of seasons one and two. From season three onwards, though, the action is relentless and many a sleeve was chewed through while Walt did his ‘thing’.

And it looks as though writer and creator Vince Gilligan has maintained the same formula to wrap the show as we enter the final eight episodes of season five in August. Well, that’s according to the cast anyway.

"This season slaughters every past season," Aaron Paul, who plays fans’ favourite Jesse Pinkman, says. "We're burning every bridge, but we're not being dark just to be dark. It just plummets."

"It's not pretty — it's as it should be," says Anna Gunn – who plays Skyler White - "It's a painful place: the crumbling of every single character."

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadCranston is Walter White

"This is a race to the finish," says creator Gilligan "We leave it all on the field. No loose ends go untied. It's a fast-moving eight episodes."

Hank, played by Dean Norris, originally asked to be killed off before the final episodes so he could pursue another role, but given his importance to the plot, not to mention some excellent scenes with the cartel, he and fans of the show are glad he’s still around.

"This last eight, they've outdone themselves," he says. "It's going out on a huge note. All of my favorite episodes are going to be in these last eight. This season is Hank's revenge."

Betsy Brandt who plays Hank's wife, Marie, says the finale is "true to each of the characters, to who they are. My last day, I didn't want to go into work. I was crying before I went into hair and makeup."

So there you have it: Breaking Bad season 5 episodes 9 through 16 are all set to be a thrill rides, and we can’t wait to see what happens. Stay tuned for a full preview, coming soon. (Via Fox News)