Breaking Bad will finally come back to our screens on August 11th. We knew that; any fan of the show knew that, but this tantalizing new teaser poster – the first of its kind from AMC, for this show anyway – has really hit it home. Breaking Bad is coming back, on August 11th. Shall we say it again?

If you don’t know what Breaking Bad is about, then you probably shouldn’t be reading this article, as a) you’ve got loads of work to do, and b) SO MANY MASSIVE SPOILERS. The poster, which exhibits the show’s trademark green and smoky style, as well as their use of the periodic table for “Ba” in “Bad”. No explicit mention of the show, but true fans will know instantly, and non-believers will want to find out. "We're trying to enshrine these shows in a way that is meaningful, and really make sure (their final runs) are television events," says AMC chief Charlie Collier, who will be saying goodbye to Mad Men next year after seven seasons. "We think they will stand the test of time and never be forgotten."

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston has won 3 Emmys for his turn as Walter White

So where are we at with BB? Well, Walter White has finally decided to get out of the game, taking the advice of Jesse and Mike, who he so mercilessly slayed. But what’s that? He survived nearly five years in the meth game, countless run-ins with the cartel, rival drug dealers and the law only to be found out by his brother-in-law DEA agent while he sits on the toilet? Who the hell knows, but we can’t wait to find out.

Aaron PaulThe recently married Aaron Paul only won 2 emmys for Jesse Pinkman - what a loser