So you’ve come this far, either by the relentless pressure applied by your friend who wouldn’t stop telling you to watch it, or by finding yourself understandably hooked, somewhere towards the end of the first season. Breaking Bad season five has three episodes left, and after To’hajiilee, Walter White looks set for some tough decisions.

Anna Gunn, Bryan Cranston and Aaron PaulAnna Gunn, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

“In these final four episodes, a great many chickens will come home to roost for Walt,” said the show’s creator, Vince Gilligan. To recap: Jesse and Hank dreamed up a ruse to lure Walter to his precious cash: a vital piece of evidence if Hank were to ‘bring him down’. Of course, the lingering threat of Tod and his uncle’s gang turning up was always in the back of our minds during the episode's tense finale.

“It’s just a spiral now for him. He can’t grab onto anything and it just spins out of control…. The clock is ticking on him and he knows it. He’s battling his health. He’s battling his sensibility and the connection with his family. He’s battling everything. Everything’s a battle,” said Bryan Cranston, an emmy-award winner for his turn as Mr. White.

The ambush changes things. Hank went from having his man in cuffs – an iconic shot – to being faced with a dozen-or-so guns. Escaping from the neo-Nazi gun-wielding gang won’t be easy, but we at least got a sense that Walter isn’t totally dead inside as he manically attempted to halt the showdown.

Breaking Bad RVThe iconic Breaking Bad RV

“The morally low point of his life was willing to let Pinkman be killed,” said Dean Norris of his character Hank. “While that’s a bad thing for Hank, it demonstrates that he is more focused than ever on catching that great white whale…. He becomes the DEA agent he’s always been. He’s always been about being a good cop and he becomes that again.”

So as we approach the dramatic crescendo of season five, plenty is left in the open. Gomez will die: that’s obvious, and it seems as though someone from the clan will sadly pass, too. Our guess would be little Walter Jr.; a fate that would kill a nearly dead-inside Walter White, putting the final nail in his coffin, so to speak. He also doesn’t have cancer; come on.