Saul Goodman is one of the more light-hearted characters in an increasingly dark Breaking Bad. His way with words, that cheesy smile and questionable legality have made him a fans’ favorite as he assists Walter White on his trials and tribulations.

So what better way to capitalize on his popularity than a spin-off series? Breaking Bad will finally culminate with the second half of season 5 being released this summer. The mid-season finale ended with a bombshell, so fans are eagerly awaiting the conclusion come June. But it would appear as though AMC isn’t ready to let go of their prize franchise, and are considering prolonging with shelf life of ABQ’s most questionable lawyer. “I would love to see a Saul Goodman spinoff,” said the show’s creator Vince Gilligan in a July 2012 interview. “I like the idea of a lawyer show in which the main lawyer will do anything it takes to stay out of a court of law. He’ll settle on the courthouse steps, whatever it takes to stay out of the courtroom. That would be fun — I would like that.”

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston plays Walter White in Breaking Bad

Trouble is; Breaking Bad is probably too good for Better Call Saul (if that’s what it’s really called) to work. The show has been critically acclaimed to the highest degree, and it would be hard for anything to live up to it. Saul was introduced in the Season 2 episode “Better Call Saul,” and has become a central character since then.