Breaking Bad may have culminated in a thrilling finale last month, but there was one last act in Walter White’s story. Perhaps the only constant in Bryan Cranston’s whirlwind character’s life was ABQ – the city where a turbulent three years saw his life spin, turn, dip and spiral upside down.

Breaking Bad
Jesse Pinkman and Walter White relax after a taxing cook

It’s difficult to avoid spoilers with a headline like that, so if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad, please ignore this article and dive head first into one of the finest stories ever told.

If you have watched it, you’ll appreciate – if not understand – why a physical funeral was such a popular event for the now-infamous chemistry teacher-cum-meth lord.

So on Saturday, in good old Albuquerque, people paid good money to throw dirt at the empty coffin, which was lowered into the ground. The whole event was in aid of Albuquerque’s Healthcare for the Homeless organization - nearly $17,000 was raised.

Despite the money raised, though, locals are upset that a physical headstone has been placed for an empty coffin in the cemetery, which will draw in tourists. "Adding a physical grave site will encourage tourists to visit a sacred burial site of hundreds and hundreds of loved ones," a petition to get the headstone removed, reads. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Breaking Bad finaleWhen Jesse told him to do it himself, he aleady had

"Cemetery officials say if crowds start gathering at the grave site of Walter White, they'll consider getting rid of his headstone. But the 'officials' should not put the family members through such disrespect during the process of them deciding if too many people are visiting the make shift grave."

Walter White’s house alone brings "10,000 cars full of fans a month, according to the homeowner." The new ‘attraction’ at the cemetery will surely attract more, and it’s not difficult to see why those with loved ones buried there would find it distressing.