Bryan Cranston’s fantastic career continues to take unexpected turns. From being the quirky dad in Malcolm in the Middle, to taking the TV world by storm with his portrayal of Walter White in Breaking Bad, he’s now taking on Broadway with ‘All the Way’ as President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston As Walter White In 'Breaking Bad'

The “exciting new American play,” as the show’s producer Jeffrey Richards describes it, “deals with LBJ's quest for legitimacy.” The plot begins with the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy that saw Johnson rushed into the Oval Office.

“It deals with a year in American history that was a tumultuous year and an exciting year. The writer has brought it to life vividly,” Richards said of the play written by Pulitzer Prize-winner Robert Schenkkan. “I think it’s a transformative performance,” he added. Richards said he expected performances to start in the winter but did not have specific dates or a confirmed theater, according to the New York Times.

The production will cost roughly $3.5 million with Richards himself, Jerry Frankel and Louise Gund taking up producer roles. The director will again be Bill Rauch, who is the artistic director of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which originally commissioned the play.

Richards also produced August: Osage County, which has recently been turned into a film starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, both of whom are thought to be Oscar contenders with their performances.

Cranston’s turn as Walter white came to an end recently with the show’s gripping finale. It was watched by a record amount of people, cementing it as AMC’s most successful show of all time. The show, as well as Cranston’s performance, has been hailed as a masterpiece, with the actor receiving multiple Emmys for his efforts.