Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston found a novel way to mingle with fans and explore the stalls of the San Diego Comic Con International; by wearing a mask that is the exact replica of your own face. Cranston donned a bald, goateed latex mask as he navigated the San Diego convention, and no-one was any wiser that the guy who was dressed up as Walter White at Comic Con was actually Walter White himself.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, Cranston arrived at the Breaking Bad panel on Sunday (July 21) while still wearing the mask, revealing himself to the most-amused audience members and rest of the panel, who apparently had no idea what the actor was up to. It was only when he arrived at the panel when Cranston revealed his true identity, dramatically revealing himself to the audience. The mask then went on to provide minutes of fun for the panel, and some of the most bizarre photos from the four day event.

The Breaking Bad star made an appearance at Comic-Con to promote the final ever episodes of the popular AMC series, which will return to the network on August 11. The panel didn't show off any new footage from the final instalment of the series, although they did air a trailer featuring highlights from the series so far. So if you were at Comic Con this weekend and happened to bump into a guy dressed as Bryan Cranston, chances are it was actually Bryan Cranston.

Bryan Cranston
Cranston out of costume