Bryan Cranston could be about to break even badder, by donning the bald look once more for what would be his most sinister role to date; as Superman's arch nemesis Lex Luthor in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel. The star of AMC's soon-to-end hit series Breaking Bad is apparently in advanced talks with Warner Bros. to take on one of comic book-land's most iconic villainous roles in the eagerly anticipated Superman sequel.

Bryan Cranston
Cranston may be about to break evil with his latest role

Cosmic Book News first announced that Cranston had already been cast alongside Henry Cavill and the controversial Batman choice, Ben Affleck, in the upcoming film, with the site adding that Cranston has signed a multi-movie deal that will see him star in cameo-like appearances as the super-villain, describing his role as being like that of Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the Marvel movies. The site also alleges that Warner Bros. are only holding out on the announcement because they want to wait for the end of Breaking Bad before they confirm anything.

Although only in the rumor stage, CBN's announcement soon caught wind and now it's all over the internet, and so far WB haven't denied anything so it is looking pretty promising. Their report also states that future movies from DC comics will feature many other superheroes from the DC-universe, with the ultimate aim to create a more connected superhero-laden world than Marvel have done so far. This means a Justice League movie is almost inevitable, with spin-offs more than likely to follow.

Bryan Cranston DGA
He can certainly pull off 'sinister bald guy' look

Speaking of Man of Steel 2, there has been some rather unexpected news emerge from the project since it was announced that Ben Affleck will be playing the Caped Crusader, and that is that Matt Damon won't be playing Robin (we don't understand it either).

However, that doesn't mean that Damon will be left out of the DC movie-world for good, as he is apparently being lined-up to play either Aquaman (who is much lamer than Robin) or Martian Manhunter (who is actually a badass) in the Justice League film and possible follow-ons. But as already mentioned, for the time being these are still just rumors.

Bryan Cranston DGA Awards
Could you see Hal from Malcolm in the Middle as Lex Luthor?