The Breaking Bad star took on a lead role in the monster movie reboot, but his scientist character Joe Brody made an unexpected exit early in the 2014 blockbuster.

Cranston has now revealed he was unimpressed with the way his character was killed off, telling the Nerdist podcast, "That character dying at that time was a mistake. I knew it when I read it. When I read it I said, 'Oh, page 50 this character who was the emotional core at the centre, that was guiding the audience in the story up to that point - he dies?'

"What a waste. They kind of dealt with it poorly, that's my only criticism of it because I think it was a fun movie, it was a very successful movie. I told them that even if I wasn't doing this role, that character shouldn't die at that point. It's just bad narrative, but they were too far down the road."