He’s been one of the most in-demand stars and recognisable actors on the planet for the best part of a decade, but now Bryan Cranston has decided he’s had enough of signing autographs.

The 61 year old star, famous for his starring role in ‘Breaking Bad’ and winning awards for roles in films such as Trumbo, has been signing autographs and responded to fan mail for nearly two decades. However, he took to his official Facebook account to announce his decision to his fans on Thursday (February 1st).

“Dear friends, this is the third double-stack of fan requests that are pouring into the office here in London (This is a real shot. It’s not altered),” he captioned the snap of him sitting in front of a mountain of mail.

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston will no longer be signing autographs

“I have already spent hours and hours over the previous two stacks and took them personally to the post office. I can’t do it anymore. I’m just overwhelmed. Even with an assistant it’s too much. After 18 years of signing anything and everything for fans — I’m retiring. I hope you’ll understand and honour this announcement.”

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This decision makes Cranston one of a handful of celebs who have sworn off doling out signatures for fans, as they can have monetary value if re-sold. Most notably, Ringo Starr once swore off applying his name to memorabilia, as he often saw stuff he had signed on eBay just days later.

However, Cranston is still happy to be approached on the street and is enthusiastic about selfies, and meeting fans in person.

“I will still happily meet you in person and personalize autograph books and photos, and take pictures, and sign programs for those seeing a play of mine,” he explained, “but no more merchandise or clothing or DVDs or resale signatures on stock card or signed photographs, etc etc.”

“Thank you all for your interest in my acting journey. I hope you continue to find the work rewarding and entertaining to you,” he said. “And I’ll see you on the street — we’ll take a selfie!”

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