He’s not in the meth business, he’s in the empire business. And the asking people to prom business, apparently. Bryan Cranston recently revisited everyone’s favorite meth kingpin, Walter White, to help one young fan get a prom date. Cranston is currently on Broadway for a limited engagement as Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way.

That was how high school senior Stefan Montana got a hold of the Breaking Bad star. Stefan waited for Cranston at stage door with the rest of the crowd and managed to corner the actor and request that the actor record a special message for his ladylove.

Bryan Cranston
When Heisenberg asks, there's only one possible answer.

Unlike most prom invites, “cute” falls short in describing this one. In less than ten seconds, Cranston delivers what has to be the most chilling prom proposal in history. It must be hard to refuse an invitation like that one. Luckily for the young woman in question, Montana seems like a nice, excitable guy. Still, with Heisenberg on his side, it’s no wonder that he got that “yes” soon after. 

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Watch the adorable/terrifying video below.