Bryan Cranston casually turned the air blue during an interview on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

The 61 year old Emmy-winner, who appeared on the British morning magazine show on Friday (July 28th) to promote his new film Wakefield, was asked by co-presenter Kate Garraway whether he is approached on the street by fans asking him about his role in ‘Breaking Bad’.

“No, some people come up to me and say, ‘I’ve seen your work and you’ve done loads and loads of sh**e, but now you’ve done ‘Breaking Bad’ and other things…,” he replied. “Those people you just have to dismiss.”

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston turned the air blue on 'Good Morning Britain'

Ironically, he dropped the naughty word very soon after a segment about whether people should swear in front of their children, in which he was a participant with other guests.

“I think you should be prudent in how you behave,” Cranston said about swearing. “If it's used too much then it loses its impact, so you have to be prudent.”

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Cranston’s role as Walter White in the smash hit AMC crime drama, which he starred in from 2008 to 2013, is credited with reviving the actor’s reputation, as before that he was most frequently associated with his part as the beleaguered dad in ‘Malcolm In the Middle’. Since then, he’s had critically lauded roles in the likes of Trumbo, The Lincoln Lawyer and Argo.

“I think it was when the traffic signs that had arrows of where we’re supposed to park our cars when we’re on location and they said ‘Breaking Bad’,” he said, asked about the exact time he realised that the show was becoming a hit.

“When those ‘Breaking Bad’ signs were being stolen… Why would they steal the signs? And that’s like, something’s happening… it had this effect on people.”

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