Possibly the most symbolic visual from Breaking Bad, ‘the RV’ gave Walter and Jesse a way to cook meth – they could drive out way into the desert and knock up a batch of the blue stuff, far safer than setting up on Jesse’s basement, as we all know. Spoilers ahead, just so you know. 

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadThere's the iconic yellow smoke, but where are the bullit holes?

So to see that hulking great piece of metal cruise on up – driven by none other than the show’s star, Bryan Cranston – at the premiere of the Breaking Bad special screening at Sony was a real treat. This was a celebration of the last eight episodes of season five, which are due to air on August 11th.

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Fans have been waiting patiently for this since the decision was made to split season five into two parts. The first eight saw Walt’s world close in around him, and people close to him and his operation start becoming enemies; even his own family.

Aaron Paul and Bryan CranstonPaul and Cranston share a great TV chemistry on Breaking Bad

"He lives moment to moment. He doesn't have the luxury of retrospective thought. He's trying to stay alive," said Cranston of Mr. White according to The Hollywood Reporter. RJ Mitte - who plays Walter White Jr. promised: "There will be no loopholes. There will be no endings that are dreams. I think the fans are going to love it. I think everyone is going to react to it very well."

Breaking Bad has been a revelation for AMC. The network can now boast a line up including BB, Mad Men and The Walking Dead to rival TV giants HBO.

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadWe can't wait until August 11th to see what happens