There’s a lot to watch out for this weekend, as various shows kick off new seasons (and of course, there are the Teen Choice Awards tonight, for the five people, who still watch those), but the big winner is, without a doubt, AMC. The channel, which started off introducing its viewers to old, classic (more or less) movies from the comfort of their own home, has definitely moved on to bigger and, uh, more morally questionable things – this is now the channel that brings you The Walking Dead, Mad Men and, finally, this weekend, the season premieres of Breaking Bad and Hell on Wheels.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
Walter White returns tonight for one last hurrah.

There are still a few hours to go, before we come face to face with the monster that became of Walter White – let’s face it, none of us can stop watching – but the premiere of Hell on Wheels was last night and it left many people wondering, could this be AMC’s next Breaking Bad-scale hit?

Anson Mount, Paley Center
So could Anson Mount be AMC's newest breakout star?

In terms of plot, the two can’t really be compared – while there are bloodbaths galore in both, Breaking Bad deals with Walt’s personal decline, while Hell on Wheels deals with the decay of an entire age. The show is set to the background of Cullen Bonahan, the type of protagonist the audience isn’t intended to love. A former slave owner and soldier, follows a group of Union soldiers to avenge the murder of his wife. This quest eventually brings him into contact with the biggest industrial endeavor of the 19th century – the building of the transcontinental railroad. The tagline pretty much says it all: “Blood will be spilled. Lives will be lost. Men will be ruined.” pretty much says it all. So could this be the new show everyone talks about Monday morning? We’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments.

Watch a promo for Hell On Wheels below.