Gather up your supplies and cover up in your basements, folks, because Godzilla is almost here (or you could just go with the more traditional option of purchasing a ticket for the movie). You probably know the story of the gigantic radioactive lizard already and if not… how? With the film hitting theaters tomorrow, May 15, it’s time to check out some reviews and see what the critics are saying.

Godzilla Poster
It'll still be a box office success, but critics think the new Godzilla is still a bit lackluster.

New York Daily News’ review gives a nod to Cranston’s acting (of course) and the CGI work on Godzilla. However, thanks to an uninspired story and low stakes, the movie overall is pegged as “dull” and “underwhelming”

Forbes’ review says pretty much the same thing, describing the Sony production as “a combination creature-feature/disaster movie that has several good moments but can’t seem to combine them into a larger effective story.”'

Watch the trailer below.