British director Gareth Edwards has given a sneak preview of scenes from his upcoming sci-fi horror movie, Godzilla, at an exclusive screening in London. Alongside clips from the sci-fi horror reboot, the filmmaker spoke of the process of making what looks to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year.

Bryan Cranston Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Bryan Cranston & Aaron Taylor-Johnson Star In The Awesome New 'Godzilla' Reboot.

Trained as a visual effects specialist, Edwards rose to prominence in 2011 when he won best director at the British Independent Film Awards for his debut feature film Monsters, which was made on a budget of £500,000 and edited in his home. "I was thinking I don't belong here - these are legends of cinema, what am I doing? I'm from Nuneaton!" the British filmmaker joked, regarding the movie's high profile cast and crew.

"Imagine you wrote a list of all the pros and cons of making a low-budget movie, then when you make a high budget movie - just swap them over," he told the audience, adding "Everything that is easy to do when there is just three of you, is really hard when there are 400 of you - and everything that is really hard to do when you have a budget of £10 is really easy when you have millions."

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Godzilla, which will finally be unveiled in May, will revive the classic, Japanese, allegorical tale of the giant dinosaur-like monster created by a nuclear-induced genetic mutation. Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Inception's Marion Cotillard and Kick-Ass' Aaron Taylor-Johnson are some of the humans caught in the terrifying beast's destructive path, who form the resistance against the seemingly unstoppable monster.

"Thank God I hadn't seen a billion episodes of Breaking Bad like everyone else, otherwise I would have been too intimated to walk to work with Bryan. I had seen him in a few, but the real reason I wanted Bryan was because of Malcolm in the Middle - and an episode of Airwolf from 1986," said an awestruck Edwards.

"As you are working on the screenplay, you can't help but picture the actors you would like to have in the roles," Edwards told the reporters in attendance. "You shouldn't do it, because you usually can't get them - but we had this little wish-list, and we sent out the screenplay and crossed our fingers - and every single one of them went for it. Thank God, or rather, Godzilla," he added.

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With his hard-working background as a low-budget filmmaker, Edwards stood in good stead to make a quality, thoughtful action movie. "The hardest thing about making movies, full stop - is to try and tell a gripping story that you really care about. Whether you have 10p or £200m, it is just as hard - so that's what we focused on," he said.

Though Roland Emmerich's 1998 version was critically panned, Edwards said he still felt under a lot of pressure to please the Godzilla fans and based his version on the 1954 classic. "It's amazing how many people out there are closet Godzilla fans," he said. "I thought there were probably about 100 Godzilla fans, including me but every single day during shooting - in a quiet moment - people would lean over and say: 'I love Godzilla, don't cock it up!'. I've had that conversation on loop for the past year."

Edwards set the ominous tone of the movie perfectly when he explained: "It took us a good year to land on a story that felt right to everybody. And what is very much at the heart of our movie - as with the original - is man versus nature. And that if you mess with nature, you're going to lose."

Godzilla will be released on the 16th May.

Godzilla Poster
'Godzilla' Will Be Released On The 16th May This Year.