Godzilla has barley finished trampling America’s box offices and the gargantuan daikaiju is still to wreak havoc over in China and Japan – a huge market, especially given the origins of the franchise. But Warner Bros. and Legendary are already thinking about what a sequel could do, and they obviously think it could do plenty as one is in the works.


Gareth Edwards’ effort, which sees Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanbe, Juliette Binoche and Bryan Cranston head a stellar cast, has already made $200m worldwide making it 2014’s biggest opener so far. Sure, ‘X-Men Days of Future Past’ and ‘Transformers: Extinction’ will likely ensure ‘Godzilla’ doesn’t finish the year with that mantle, but it’s an encouraging start for a film that was, for a while mentioned with apprehension. 

Alas, the modern reboot of the perennially rebooted monster movie is on course to double its most recent predecessor’s total; starring Matthew Broderick, 1998’s Godzilla scored nearly $400 million at the global box office.

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As Deadline – who broke the news of a sequel – note, Edwards has finally proved his worth to the Hollywood machine, helming the leftfield take on sci-fi that was ‘Monsters’, and proving himself with the tricky material that is Godzilla. “Edwards has talked about what he would do with a sequel, saying he would use the same kind of restraint that he did for this one. He learned well from watching Spielberg films as the monster was only talked about for the first part of this film,” writes Anita Busch. 

What do you think – should a Godzilla sequel go ahead or would be stretch the franchise too thin, resulting in gaping holes for critical acclaim to fall into? Let us know in the poll below:

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