We've been catching mere glimpses of Godzilla in every version of the trailer going but titillated fans at the WonderCon were finally rewarded with an exclusive sneak peak at the movie ahead of its release.

Fans at WonderCon have finally seen Godzilla's face in a sneak preview of the upcoming movie.

Fans at the Warner Bros. presentation at the WonderCon festival held in Anaheim, CA this weekend were thrilled to finally see a complete Godzilla in an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie. The biggest thrill for hundreds of fans who had crammed together to witness this sneak peak was seeing Godzilla's face for the first time. MTV, whilst not the most descriptive of sources, claimed the famous reptile's face was "everything fans had hoped for: vaguely T-Rex-ish, definitely reptilian, and a whole lot of awesome."

It certainly seems to have been worth the wait, not to mention the amount of effort which went into reimaging Godzilla for this decade. It apparently took around a year for Godzilla's design to be finalised as there was simply so of the creature to create and so many possible angles. This was further made difficult as director Gareth Edwards discussed to consider Godzilla up close and on a larger scale. Indeed, the process was so complicated, Edwards described it as working with a giant "Rubix cube". 

Edwards also discussed the importance of ensuring Godzilla was more than merely a gigantic reptile. He wanted to ensure the creature was dynamic and had an obvious motivation behind his destructive nature. Edwards claimed, as an audience, we choose to see monster movies because of our fear that animals will, one day, reclaim everything that has been taken from them.

Watch the extended movie trailer for Godzilla:

Movie goers seem to be in for a treat with this upcoming reboot of the classic monster movie. The film boasts a stellar cast including Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the British actor best known for his role as Kick-Ass. They are joined by an impressive array of actors in supporting roles including Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) and Juliette Binoche (Chocolat). 

The reboot of the archetypal monster movie follows the Brody family - Joe (Cranston) a scientist, his son Brody (Taylor-Johnson) and his daughter-in-law Elle (Olsen)- as they attempt to survive in the face of Godzilla's wrath. From the trailers, the movie promises to be action packed, dramatic and definitely one of the biggest movies of the year. 

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Godzilla is in cinemas from 15th May in the UK and 16th May in the US.

Promotional images for Godzilla have given little away as to the giant reptiles appearance.