AMC's 'Breaking Bad has picked up the coveted prize of 'Best TV Series' at the Golden Globes and lead man Bryan Cranston was awarded with the 'Best Actor in a Drama Series.' 

The crime drama, created by Vince Gillighan, has now won back-to-back awards at the prestigious ceremony, following on from the success of last year where it picked up its first 'Best TV Series' prize.

Breaking Bad
'Breaking Bad' won 'Best TV Series'

The last series, which aired this past August (2013), follows the downfall of crystal meth kingpin and former high school chemistry teacher 'Walter White' (Cranston), ultimately ending in his death.

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Cranston earned his fifth Golden Globe nomination heading into tonight's ceremony, four of them coming for 'Walter White' and one for the comedic role as 'Hal', the father in 'Malcolm in the Middle'.

The 57 year-old referred to the award as "a lovely way to say goodbye," after five seasons starring in the show, and paid tribute to its creator. "I'm up here because of Vince Gilligan," Cranston said. "He's a genius."

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston's final scene in the hit TV drama

Gillighan used the time in the spot light to express his appreciation for all workers on the hit TV show.

"I gotta say the best thing about this is it gives all the people up here and folks who worked on Breaking Bad one more chance to thank the fans of the show," he stated. "Thank you for helping us get to here," (via E!News).

However, co-star Aaron Paul, who was also nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor', simply said "Yeah, bitch!, thank you" which was what his character 'Jesse Pinkman' was known for saying.

Bryan Cranston
Co-stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston