Let’s talk about Breaking Bad – again. It’s what the internet is talking about anyway. Breaking Bad parodies are sort of like the new Harlem Shake video, except they’re older than the Harlem Shake and quite a bit funnier, too. These are watchable past the third one. As it turns out, even something as serious as “the meth game” is subject to the noble art of parody. And when you mix Taylor Swift lyrics with degenerate criminals, hilarity ensues. So without further ado, here are this writer’s personal Top 5 Breaking Bad parodies, in no particular order.

Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad Still
One thing Breaking Bad isn't is funny. Or so we thought.

We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together. Of course, the list has to start with the aforementioned Taylor Swift reference. Because it’s quite possibly the funniest thing out there. Walt and Jesse’s relationship is so perfectly summed up in some of the lyrics, it’s almost eerie. But we won’t spoil it for you. Watch below.

Then there’s the Breaking Bad Honest Trailer. Youtube’s Screen Junkies have done The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and The Hunger Games in the past, but this is the first time they take on TV – and they couldn’t have picked a better place to start. The best thing about this is it acknowledges that Breaking Bad is a favorite for everyone and their granny (well, maybe not the grannies) and it still packs a punch as a parody. It’s good, is what we’re saying. One more for the list.

Lego Breaking Bad. This one makes the list mostly because of the detail it goes into. It’s so realistic, for a second you’ll believe the game actually exists – apart from the creepy uncomfortable feeling that merging the crime of Breaking Bad with the children’s (well, sort of) game of LEGO brings up. Still, we’d totally play that, if it was real. First age-restricted LEGO game maybe? And speaking of good clean family fun...

Breaking Bad as an ABC Sitcom. Turns out, if you slap a laugh track onto anything. It won’t make sitcom gags funny, but it works with Walter slowly slipping into insanity. Once again, this one plays on the uncomfortable pairing. A nod to sitcom writers everywhere, we don’t even know if it’s alright to laugh at this one.

Home Game. Last but not least, there’s “Home Game” – the Breaking Bad spoof that pairs Breaking Bad with, you guessed it, a board game. The best part about it – it makes no qualms about how intensely invested people get in board games. Most of us haven’t been involved in a large scale drug operation (hopefully), but anyone who’s knocked over the Monopoly board in a fit of rage will relate to this on some level. A little bit. Fair warning though: laughing at any of these will make you feel like a terrible person.