X-Men director Bryan Singer has asked a court to dismiss the case against him which alleges he sexually abused a British man, known in the case as John Doe 117. 

Bryan Singer
Bryan Singer has filed for the case to be dismissed.

The case was filed in May by lawyer Jeffrey Herman but Singer's representatives have asked for the L.A. court to dismiss the case as there is no legal basis for the suit. Singer has also requested a $300,000 bond to cover his legal fees, as THR reports. 

This is the second case brought against Singer. The first, which is still ongoing, was filed by Michael Egan. Singer is not the only executive to have been accused of sexual abuse. Egan's suit named Gary Goddard, a well known Broadway producer, and executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman. Egan alleged the men assaulted him at different times in the late 1990s when he was between 15 and 17 years old. 

In April, Herman claimed the men were part of a larger "paedophile" ring in Hollywood which is kept "an ongoing secret". He further accused the four executives in question of "using their position, power and influence to sexually abuse children."

Bryan Singer
Singer is best known for directing the X Men movies.

Egan has dropped the cases against Goddard, Ancier and Neuman but the accusations against Singer still stand. The John Doe case also cites Goddard alongside Singer but Goddard filed for a dismissal last month and is currently building a case. 

The four Hollywood executives accused of sexually abusing Michael Egan have maintained their innocence and have suggested Herman has ulterior motives for filing the suits. Singer's lawyer, Marty Singer (no relation), issued a statement in which he accused Herman of having "nefarious motives and tactics". He further claimed Herman was using such "tactics" as a means of 'shaking down' Singer for a settlement. 

One of the accused executives, Garth Ancier, has already filed a countersuit against Egan and Herman. The suit was filed last month and intends to sue Herman for malicious prosecution. 

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Bryan Singer
Singer has been named in two cases.