Bryce Dallas Howard avoids reading about herself online.

The 32-year-old actress, whose father is director Ron Howard, was left hurt by ''vicious'' comments aimed at her when she attended a red carpet event just days after giving birth to her son Theo, now six, in February 2007 and ever since she avoids Google searching her name.

She told ''People are so vicious. I now know to stay away from stuff that I used to see on the internet. I don't go online and read stories about myself anymore.

''People were picking on me when I did the 'Spiderman 3' press tour literally just 14 days after I gave birth. I can't be in that headspace. I just don't look myself up. I had a baby, that isn't going to change, so I ignore things so I can be in my own little bubble.''

Bryce - who also has 16-month-old daughter Beatrice with her husband Seth Gabel - says her main priority in life is to be the best mother she can be and she describes her mum Cheryl as a wonderful role model.

As a tribute to her mother, the flame-haired beauty has recorded an audiobook of Cheryl's novel 'In the Face of Jinn' and hopes the effort she put into the project will make her mum ''proud''.

She added: ''It isn't anything she ever says to me. It's that she is brilliant and steady and a rock for our family. [Recording the book] was not easy! I worked with the same dialect coach I used on 'The Help' but I did all the characters and I am so proud of the book.

''Doing it was so meaningful and has given so much to both of us. My mother is an exceptional woman of integrity and it was such a big deal for her to accomplish the book. I hope I make her proud.''