Turning into an action movie star was a new thing for Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress better known for comedy-dramas like 'The Help' and '50/50'. But in 'Jurassic World' she dives right into the fray, all while wearing a white business outfit and high-heels.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic World'Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt in 'Jurassic World'

To prepare for her role as park executive Claire, Howard trained with UFC champion Pete Williams, who was also her on-set driver. "He was so helpful," she says, "because as someone who is a professional athlete, he really knew how to take care of your body. And I was like, 'Hey man! I've got to do all this heel running, can you give me some tricks?' He was awesome, and really helped me."

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But what Howard liked most about Claire was her depth. "I like the challenge in playing someone unlikable," she says. "When you first meet Claire you think she's in control, you think she's in a position of authority. But the truth is she really isn't, and it isn't until she evolves and reconnects with her own humanity that her most powerful self emerges."

Howard loved exploring Claire's feminine energy. "During the journey she reconnects with herself and her greatest power," she says. "And I thought, you know, realistically she would be a woman who could really handle herself in heels! I just had to kind of rise to the occasion for that, because I'm not somebody that can run in heels."

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When she first steps into the jungle, Chris Pratt's character makes fun of Claire's ridiculous footwear. "I like that something that was perceived as her handicap ultimately is her greatest strength," Howard says. "It's something that was important to me. I don't want to try to act like a man. Strong to me is not acting like a man, it's owning the fact that I'm a woman and going out there and being my flawed, vulnerable, courageous self. But that doesn't mean I walk around in my life in heels!"

Pratt admitted that he was impressed with watching Howard run in high-heels. "It's like tippy-toe running," he said. "I would not be able to outrun Indominus rex. But with enough practice, I might be able to make it 40 or 50 feet before I was killed."

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