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1st February 2017

Tweet: "I think we all really needed this." Beyonce's baby news has really cheered Bryce Dallas Howard up.

20th January 2017

Quote: β€œHe was drinking a lot of, I think it was tea stuff, a lot of fake alcohol, so it was pretty good. It was like some sort of good, healthy aesthetic substitute for alcohol.” Bryce Dallas Howard enjoyed kissing Matthew MCConaughey for the film Gold.

14th December 2016

Tweet: "Congrats Daughter! @BryceDHoward for your #sagawards nomination for #BlackMirror such great work & You r in amazing company Yep, I'm proud". Filmmaker Ron Howard celebrates the work of his actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard after she landed a Screen Actors Guild Awards nod for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Limited Series.

9th August 2016

Quote: "I had to choose a really fun godfather... and it was easy because my husband's best friend since kindergarten is a wonderful actor named Josh Gad." Bryce Dallas Howard reveals her kids' godfather is the Frozen star.

14th June 2016

Quote: "I almost knocked him over the first time that I saw him because I got so excited. I came at him with too much velocity. My kids called him Mr. Bob... It was a very idyllic, beautiful experience and I hope that that was captured in that film, and I think it was." Bryce Dallas Howard on shooting new family film Pete's Dragon in New Zealand with Robert Redford.

26th January 2016

Fact: Bryce Dallas Howard has been honoured with the STARmeter Award from bosses of movie database who ruled her the most-searched for star on their site. She was presented with the trophy during a special event in Park City, Utah on Monday night (25Jan16).

29th June 2015

Quote: "Everyone should have the chance to know Chris Pratt. He's the most amazing guy... He's the best human being. I adore him." Bryce Dallas Howard is a big fan of her Jurassic World co-star.

12th June 2015

Quote: "I did a lot of ankle exercises, I mean, honestly, I trained for running in heels as if I was in the Olympics. I was like, 'This is a life and death situation here. I better be sorted,' because I have a very difficult time dealing with heels in my day-to-day life, but I overcame that, somewhat." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard had to practise running in heels for her new movie JURASSIC WORLD.

11th June 2015

Fact: Actor Chris Pratt donned a pair of red, high-heeled pumps to run around U.S. late night host James Corden's Los Angeles studio on Wednesday (10Jun15) to experience the fashion pains of his JURASSIC WORLD co-star Bryce Dallas Howard. The GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY star's stunt came moments after he heaped praise on the actress for shooting all of her scenes in the action blockbuster while wearing heels, prompting THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN presenter to give him the opportunity to put his own balancing skills to the test, a task he gamely accepted.

11th June 2015

Fact: Actress Bryce Dallas Howard showed off her ability to cry on demand on Wednesday (10Jun15) during an appearance on U.S. talk show Conan. The star of the new Jurassic World blockbuster shared her hidden talent with viewers by engaging host Conan O'Brien in mundane small talk about U.S. home improvement store Home Depot, which gradually brought her to tears.

3rd June 2015

Quote: "I just finished a film called Pete's Dragon, for Disney... and he got to be in that too... in a scene with a dragon." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard's son Theodore is fast becoming a regular in his mum's movies after she previously allowed him to serve as an extra in new release Jurassic World for his seventh birthday last year (14).

2nd June 2015

Quote: "She likes to ask me how my day is... and I said I worked with a dinosaur and she looked freaked (out) and now every single night since then, she's asked if a dinosaur's gonna come into her room at night! It's the worst." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard regrets sharing news of her work on new dinosaur movie Jurassic World with her three-year-old daughter Beatrice.

10th August 2013

Fact: Actress Lily Collins makes an appearance in the music video for M83's track Claudia Lewis. The clip is directed by The Help star Bryce Dallas Howard.

21st September 2011

Quote: "We do know - we didn't know for a while. We just found out recently. At this point (we're telling) just family... It's kind of euphoric. It's the greatest, I love it. The thing that every parent hopes for is that the baby's healthy, I'm healthy. No matter how you feel, that's the most important thing." Pregnant actress Bryce Dallas Howard is refusing to divulge the gender of her unborn baby.

14th August 2011

Quote: "He's amazing, I just got an email from him yesterday just kind wishing me luck with (new movie) The Help... and just checking in about everything. But he checks in more than my parents. He really does." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is close to her godfather Henry Winkler.

13th August 2011

Quote: "He's incredibly supportive and complimentary and things like that. I mean, honestly, all of my dad's friends are like that. They're all very thoughtful and supportive. And that's really wonderful." Tom Cruise is a big fan of his pal Ron Howard's actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.

10th August 2011

Quote: "I went over the other day, he'd spent the night at my parents' house, and it was like eight and he was watching cartoons and stuffing his face with Oreos (cookies)! And then he was talking the whole day about how he went skateboarding with granddad. And I didn't even know that my dad skateboards. He took him to Venice Beach and went skateboarding with him - he's four!" Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is surprised at how liberal her director father Ron is parenting his grandson Theo.

13th June 2011

Fact: Bryce Dallas Howard is teaming up with her filmmaker father to create a short film as part of a photography competition. Ron Howard will produce the project while Bryce will direct. The feature will be based on a series of winning pictures from Canon Cameras' Project Imagin8ion contest.

8th June 2011

Quote: "I went online and saw that they were making evening gowns, and I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of them looked like they could accommodate a pregnancy, and I'm pregnant." Bryce Dallas Howard on the J.Crew bargain gown she wore to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (05Jun11).

7th June 2011

Quote: "I'm still kind of sick, so I eat a lot of ginger things. At this point, I'm mostly just trying to get things that stay down." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is struggling with her second pregnancy.

4th January 2011

Fact: Bryce Dallas Howard is the new face of accessories brand Kate Spade.

27th October 2010

Quote: "He thought it was a public service thing... He called me on the way... and I said you have to turn around." Bryce Dallas Howard reveals her filmmaker father Ron Howard thought he was making a PSA with Jamie Foxx when he agreed to be part of the singer/actor's Blame It On The Alcohol video.

24th October 2010

Quote: "We did a screening of the film at the Toronto Film Festival and someone was like, 'Oh, we're gonna have an after party', and he went out, so I heard, till 3am, grinding on the dancefloor with his wife to 50 Cent!" Actress Bryce Dallas Howard was stunned to hear of 80-year-old Clint Eastwood's partying antics after a screening of their new movie HEREAFTER.

29th June 2010

Quote: "Rob is totally dreamy. But he's so embarrassed about the attention. There were a lot of paparazzi and fans who had come from all over the country to see him filming. And he's just like, 'I don't understand. There's nothing special about me,' which there is, of course." Bryce Dallas Howard was smitten with co-star Robert Pattinson on the set of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE.

27th June 2010

Quote: "In, like, 20 years from now, when kids see the franchise, Rachelle's portrayal of Victoria is going to leave the most lasting impression. I just showed up in the last leg of the race." Gracious Bryce Dallas Howard on taking over the role of Victoria in the Twilight series from Rachelle LeFevre.

15th December 2009

Quote: "We have talked about it. I'd be lucky to get her in a movie. I'd be lucky to get her to return my call!" Director Ron Howard on the possibility of making a film with his actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard.

9th June 2009

Fact: Bryce Dallas Howard's scriptwriting partner DANE CHARBENEAU - who co-wrote upcoming drama THE ORIGINALS - started dating the actress' sister JOCELYN during the creative process. They are now engaged.

25th May 2009

Quote: "There was one night we looked up and the clouds were glistening and I swear to God, it was like the Batman signal was being beamed into the sky. I pointed this out to Christian and he said, 'Excuse me, Miss, but I'm going to have to leave for a second.'" Christian Bale is happy to joke about his BATMAN alter-ego, according to his TERMINATOR SALVATION co-star Bryce Dallas Howard.

25th May 2009

Quote: "I'd love to work with him at some point. (But) the studio would have to be begging my dad before he'd consider." Actress Bryce Dallas Howard on the possibility of collaborating with her director dad Ron Howard.

17th May 2007

Fact: Michelle Williams, Bryce Dallas Howard and Evan Rachel Wood have been cast to play English literary sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte in new movie BRONTE.

29th November 2006

Quote: "Mine will have huge bazoombas. Every eight-year-old is going to look forward to that!" Spider-Man 3 star Bryce Dallas Howard is excited about her Gwen Stacy action figure.

28th August 2006

Quote: "I was the only person in Amsterdam who wore a helmet. People would drive by and crack up, but I promised my mom that I would wear a helmet... It was big and bulbous." The Village star Bryce Dallas Howard played it safe as a cycling student in Amsterdam, Holland.

26th August 2006

Fact: Actress Bryce Dallas Howard's past jobs include working as an intern at Vanity Fair magazine, a nanny, a dog walker and at an allergy-control product centre.

11th August 2006

Quote: "Yes, it's disgusting." Ron Howard's actress daughter Bryce Dallas Howard hates the fact her middle name is the city she was conceived in.

23rd July 2006

Quote: "I went home and I got the DVD of Happy Days from the first season and I saw the whole thing and it's amazing. I love it. Now I'm, like, shy around my godfather, who's Henry Winkler (THE FONZ)." Ron Howard's daughter Bryce Dallas Howard on checking her father's Happy Days TV series recently.

8th February 2006

Fact: <p>Babe actor James Cromwell has joined the cast of Spider-Man 3 as Captain Stacy, a police captain who dies a heroic death when he saves a child during a battle between Spider-Man and another super-villain. Peter Parker's new love interest, Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard), ends up blaming Spider-Man for her father's death. </p>

24th January 2006

Fact: <p>THE VILLAGE star Bryce Dallas Howard's godfather is actor Henry Winkler, who co-starred with her father, Ron Howard, on Happy Days. </p>

5th January 2006

Fact: <p>Movie-maker M Night Shyamalan is planning to turn his new movie about a mermaid living in a swimming pool - into an illustrated children's book. The film stars Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard. </p>

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