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Buffy is the awesomest show eva! lol!I wach it all the time 24/7 even though its over and i wasnt really old enough to actually get every single magazine and everything .. but i have a couple! Thanx all the writers and joss for comming up with the brilliant idea of making buffy the vampire slayer! And thankyou for the crew that put in alot of time and effort! From your biggest fan!!

Posted 16 years 6 months ago by Chantelle!

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Thank you cast and crew for giving me countless hours of TV greatness. I own the collector's edition box set now and couldn't be more pleased. I've watched the series from "Welcome the the Hellmouth" to "Chosen" several times and still think it is one of the most interesting TV shows ever. Good luck to cast and crew in all thier future endeavors...

Posted 17 years 1 month ago by Tartuffe

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Buffy looks pretty good fun to be in, thanks to all the cast and crew in doing a great job in delivering me probably my favorite science fiction series. Look forward to seein more from you all whatever your doin.cheers xxxxxxxxx

Posted 18 years 2 weeks ago by ethan

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