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Built To Spill
You In Reverse
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Built To Spill You In Reverse Album

Built To Spill's reputation was huge, as a guitar hero-led alternative rock band, with fun in their edge. Then, they went and got all miserable, coinciding with a crisis of confidence in the hero Doug Martsch's ability to be the lead man. Thankfully, the band have pulled themselves together for their first album in 5 years, and what a comeback it is. There are moments which remind of 20 years of alternative rock, from the Cure through The Smiths to REM, but mostly what there is is some riveting, vibrant rock, like Band of Horses or Mercury Rev rooted through some classic guitarsmithery.

You In Reverse is spacey, catchy and spun from woven melody lines. The first listen sounds great, and repeated listens will have you waking up with at least one of these songs playing in your head. It is addictive stuff, intelligent rock with crunch and soul. It is probably the band's best ever album, and should be the first Built To Spill album in your collection.


Mike Rea

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