Review of Earthbound Album by Bury Tomorrow

In a landscape where the genre is becoming dangerously stale, a metalcore band as 'down the line' as Bury Tomorrow could run the risk of getting lost in the mix. 

Bury Tomorrow Earthbound Album

Rather than change their formula, or reinvent the wheel, they've just switched gears a little with third album Earthbound, kicking their sound up  a notch and recording what is a joyously savage record, and a marked step up from their previous effort, Runes.

There's raw pace, power and fury from start to finish, from The Eternal's opening moments to the title track (and first single)'s gleeful mosh call of 'desolation of all you know', through to the Pantera-influenced groove and stomp in Bloodlines, Earthbound's closer. 

Frontman Dani Winter-Bates is on fearsome form, and his glass-gargling vocals mesh as well as ever with Jason Cameron's clean lines. While their dynamic might not be anything new, Winter-Bates' renewed aggression really allows Cameron to stand out. 

Much of Earthbound is the sound of a band being comfortable in themselves, and doing 'what they do' to a high standard, but it's Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed fame's guest appearance that threatens to steal the show, his snarl and bite adding an extra dimension to 301, the album's standout track.

Winter-Bates describes Earthbound as the perfect soundtrack to a circle pit, and the record does have a strong 'live' feel throughout. They'll be touring the UK in February as main support to Parkway Drive - including a date at Brixton Academy - which will be the acid test for not only the tracks from this record, but the band themselves. 

It'll be a case of conquer or be conquered, but Earthbound will be a valuable asset to BuryTomorrow's arsenal. Whether it stands the test of time as well as breakthrough album The Union Of Crowns has, remains to be seen.

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