Busted are re-writing 'Coming Home' as 'Staying Home' to encourage people to stay home during the coronavirus lockdown.

James Bourne has revealed he's sent his new verse for the updated lyrics to the track from their 2016 LP 'Night Driver' to his bandmates Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis to finish off.

James tweeted: ''I rewrote all the verse lyrics to coming home & Changed the chorus to staying home. It's current ... I've sent it to matt and Charlie I've already sung my verse (sic)''

Meanwhile, James previously admitted he and his bandmates are ''just finding'' their ''rhythm''.

The 'Year 3000' hitmakers went back to their pop punk roots on their latest LP, 2019's 'Half Way There', but freshened up their sound.

James was asked how they can top the record - which reached number two in the Official UK Chart - and he explained that their new music will be even ''better'' as they are enjoying being in the band again.

When one fan asked when their next record will be out, he replied: ''Our albums will keep getting better. Trust me on that. I feel like we're just finding our rhythm.''

And when another said: ''How can they honestly get better than they are now? HALF WAY THERE IS THE BEST! (sic)'', he wrote back: ''They will get better.''

Another user tweeted that they hope they don't ''lose their Busted vibe'', to which he replied: ''The vibe is here to stay.''

Busted got more experimental on 'Night Driver', which came almost 11 years after they first split up, and they previously admitted that their latest record is the album they always wanted to make.

Charlie said: ''We had a great time, there's a lot of fond memories. But I think doing it again now, I feel like we're having a much better time because we're completely in control with what we're doing.

''To be honest, this album has been a bit of a moment for us. We sort of made the album that never was, I feel like this is the seminal Busted album.''