The repercussions of the car crash Bruce Jenner was involved in earlier this month (February 7) continue to spread. This week, People magazine reported that the former Olympian and reality star could face jail time over the accident, which claimed the life of one driver.

Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner is unlikely to face jail time over the crash.

According to police, Jenner, 65, rear-ended a Lexus that had stopped short due to a Prius stopping in front of it. The impact pushed the Lexus into opposing traffic on the Pacific Coast Highway where it was struck by a Hummer. The Hummer was driven by a 70-year-old woman, who was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Despite the fact that the pile-up was technically started by the Prius, Jenner may still be found culpable, as California law states that the driver of a vehicle must operate it at a speed, which enables him/her to stop in case of any traffic condition visible ahead. 

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"The car that rear-ended the Prius is legally required to be at a speed to enable that car to stop, and likewise, Jenner had to be traveling a speed and paying enough attention to enable him to stop to avoid crashing into the other car that was also at that point stopped," says James Fox, an attorney, who specialises in motor vehicle crashes and vehicle defect cases, for People. "The person in the Lexus has cause of action against Jenner and possibly [the Prius]. Jenner is definitely up to his ears in liability here."  

But as to the real question being asked here, no, Jenner is unlikely to face any actual jail time, though he might be made to pay a substantial fine to if the family of the deceased decides to take legal action.