The tragic car crash Bruce Jenner was involved in on Saturday has taken over the news over the weekend, with every new piece of evidence examined and re-examined ad nauseam. Early on Sunday, a theory emerged that a paparazzi chase may have been the reason for the accident.

Bruce Jenner
So far, the investigation has determined that there were no paparazzi involved in the fatal accident.


According to a report by CNN, however, there is no evidence of any paparazzi presence around the crash site.

"As of right now, there is no indication that Bruce Jenner was being chased by paparazzi at the time of the crash," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Lecrivain said, per the news website’s report.

The vehicles involved in the pileup were a black Toyota Prius, a white Lexus sedan and of course Jenner’s own black Escalade.

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Jenner's Escalade was towing a trailer with an all-terrain vehicle on it when it ran into the Lexus from behind, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Philip Brooks said. The Lexus spun into oncoming traffic and was hit by a Hummer H2. The driver of the Lexus died. The details of the accident are still being cleared up, but Jenner was not injured, according to the reports. The cause of the accident is also unknown. The former Olympian's SUV left skidmarks, according to KCAL, via CNN.

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