Bruce Jenner fancied himself as a petrol head this weekend as he took off around the Virginia International Raceway as part of the Lamborghini Series. Bruce raced with his son Brandon, the first time the pair have raced together on a competitive circuit, and wasn't alone in the celebrity stakes, as Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey was also at the VIR to take part in some driving himself.

Bruce JennerPatrick Dempsey
Jenner and Dempsey were both at the races this weekend

“I had heard about it a lot but never had the opportunity to come here,” Bruce Jenner told local WSET-TV at a pre-race press conference. His son added, “We’re just going to go as quick as we can, try to drive smooth, I’m going to try to keep up with this guy."

"I've always loved cars and racing and speed," Dempsey also said. The Grey's Anatomy actor was racing as part of the Le Mans Series, and therefore wasn't racing alongside Jenner, but that didn't mean he wasn't raring to go and gunning for the top spot at the race podium. Dempsey was particularly interested in coming to Virginia to race over the weekend, telling reporters, "It's one of those iconic tracks that you like to come race at."

Whilst at the races, Dempsey was also quizzed on his ongoing commitment to Grey's Anatomy, and was asked whether he will be following Sandra Oh out the door any time soon. Without giving too much away, McDreaming said, "I haven't made my decision yet. So I don't really know. I think it depends on how this season plays out and a couple other things. We'll see."

Overall, the weekend at the races was a success, and as VIR owner Connie Nyholm made clear, the idea behind having these well-known names at the races is to build up interest in racing. He said, "It exposes us to the fan, the casual fan who may then develop a deeper interest in racing." - ABC13