Caitlyn Jenner insisted it was ''just a joke'' when she suggested she could be Kanye West's Vice President.

The 70-year-old reality star - who was previously married to Kanye's mother-in-law Kris Jenner - recently claimed she had texted the 'All Day' rapper about his bid to run for office and asked to be his running mate, but has now admitted she wasn't serious.

And quizzed on whether she thinks he'd make a good president, the 'I Am Cait' star refused to give a verdict.

She told 'Good Morning Britain': ''I can't even go there - we're living in such a political environment.

''I don't even want to talk about politics anymore.''

The 'Famous' hitmaker - who has four children with wife Kim Kardashian West - has sparked concern recently with his erratic behaviour, including a string of Twitter rants in which he claimed he had tried to ''divorce'' his spouse and an emotional outburst at his first presidential rally in South Carolina last month.

But Caitlyn admitted she ''doesn't know'' how her Kanye - who suffers from bipolar disorder - is at the moment.

She said: ''Honestly, I don't know. Since all of this has come down, I've kind of just watched it go down. He's living in Wyoming.

''I wish him well. He's a really good guy.''

However, Caitlyn heaped praise on Kanye for his ''big heart'' and supportive ways.

She said: ''He's been the most kind, loving human being and so good to be throughout the years and he's been the best friend.

''He's extremely supportive.''

The former Olympian previously declared her desire to be Vice President when asked if she'd vote for Kanye.

She replied: ''Oh I texted him and said, 'Can I be your VP?' What a combination!''

Asked if she'll do it, she added: ''We'll see.''