The 'Arrowverse' is certainly one of the most talked about universes available on television, starting out with the Stephen Amell-led show 'Arrow' on The CW, before new shows 'The Flash', 'Supergirl' and 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' were all spawned off the back of its success.

Caity Lotz was present at the 'Wonder Woman' premiereCaity Lotz was present at the 'Wonder Woman' premiere

'Legends of Tomorrow' has done well to stand on its own two feet since its conception, bringing heroes that we've seen on other 'Arrowverse' shows to the centre of its plot and allowing them each to shine in differing ways. One of those characters is Sara Lance, aka the White Canary, played by fan-favourite, Caity Lotz.

Lotz's version of Sara has been a positive representation of the LGBT+ community, having enjoyed a relationship with the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, Nyssa (Katrina Law) during her time in 'Arrow'. Now though, with that relationship a thing of the past, fans are calling for a new bond to be formed with Sara. It seems that Lotz is fully on board with the idea as well.

The 'Legends of Tomorrow' cast have entertained across two seasons to-dateThe 'Legends of Tomorrow' cast have entertained across two seasons to-date

"I think this time we're not gonna see history as we remembered it," the actress shared whilst speaking with DC Entertainment. "Before, you'd travel back and history was kind of what it was in the text books. Now that we've broken time, we can travel anywhere and anything can be crazy... I'd like to see what sort of effects being in charge have on [Sara]. I'd like to see her have a good relationship. Not just a fling but a real love relationship would be nice."

Knowing that Lotz is hoping for a meatier relationship for Sara should certainly come as good news to the viewers who are also pushing for it. The writers and creators involved in the 'Arrowverse' have always seemed very intent on keeping their casts happy and taking their thoughts into consideration, so to see this come to fruition in the future wouldn't be a huge surprise.

While it's been good to see Sara involved in a string of flings throughout her time on 'Legends of Tomorrow', in the wider picture they all mean nothing. It's not too much for the actress behind the character to ask for something a bit more substantial that can also serve to push the story along, rather than a bit of filler from time to time.

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'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' returns for its third season in the US on The CW on Tuesday, October 10, and is expected to return to the UK on Sky 1 shortly thereafter.