Review of Bisbee Blue Single by Calexico

Bisbee Blue
Single Review

Calexico Bisbee Blue Single

Despite his surfer-dude turned songwriter credentials, Jack Johnson could not hope to craft as gorgeous a piece of west coast summery pop as this.
Calexico, the kings of Americana have moved out to the beach and sound on top of the world on this track. Driven by simple acoustic guitar chords and lifted by banjos, strings and horns drifting in and out of the mix, "Bisbee Blue" is the perfect soundtrack to a hazy summer's day.

As well as being musically evocative, the lyrics alone paint a beautiful aural picture, with "rivers of colour" and "sky blues". However, it is far from a false "American Dream" idyll, as underneath the calm surface flows a bitter undercurrent, with references to "avenues under construction" and new cities that "keep sprawling on". So although at first listen, "Bisbee Blue" may seem like a throwaway pop confection, it is actually an example of how What Should Be and What Is conflict in the popular consciousness. Calexico look at What Should Be, see that it is a lie, and show us What Is, the ugly truth, all in a three minute pop song.

So if it's subversive Brian Wilson influenced Americana you're after, look no further than Calexico.

Ben Davis

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