Calista Flockhart is fully supportive of her husband’s return to flying. Flockhart’s husband, Star Wars actor Harrison Ford, was involved in a plane crash earlier this year which left him in hospital for a number of weeks. Ford’s quick thinking ensured no one on the ground was injured but it was certainly a near miss.

Harrison Ford and Calista FlockhartHarrison Ford and Calista Flockhart at the 86th Annual Oscars in March 2014.

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The accident occurred at the beginning of March when Harrison was flying his WW2 vintage plane solo over Los Angeles. The engine reportedly malfunctioned and Ford had to make an emergency landing. Ford managed to land the plane safely on a golf course but was injured during the accident. He was immediately hospitalised, suffering from a broken pelvis and a broken ankle as a result of the crash. 

Flockhart described the aftermath of the accident as a “really hard, really scary” time for the family. She further commented on how the crash made her realise how quickly life can change.

"I think it just makes you realize once again that life can turn on a dime,” Flockhart said. “And we just have to appreciate every second we're here, because you never know."  

Nevertheless, 50-year-old Flockhart is completely behind her husband’s decision to return to the skies and she’s even been in the plane with him.

"He loves it, so I love it, and I support him 100 percent" Flockhart said, as People reports.

Flockhart’s comments were made at the Television Critics Association CBS panel for the series Supergirl. Flockhart stars in the upcoming series as Cat Grant, Supergirl’s boss. Supergirl is played by former Glee star Melissa Benoist. The series will premiere on 26th October. 

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