Calvin Harris might have to start distancing himself from his audience in future after the Scottish DJ got drenched during a DJ slot by a punter who threw their drink at the hit-maker. The Dumfries, Scotland-born DJ was only 30 minutes into his hour long set when the unfortunate run-in with the tipsy fan took place, but fortunately things were soon under control.

Calvin Harris
Calvin Harris knows that the show must go on!

According to The Sun, a source from the club said: “Calvin took it all in his stride. He even joked that next time he DJs he’ll wear waterproofs," adding that the culprit was immediately dealt with and Harris, after a quick change of t-shirt, soon got back to his set. The source added, “Calvin was a pro and carried on unphased and ended up DJing for extra time when a lot of lesser performers would have stormed off.”

In fact, this doesn't quick do Harris justice, because not only did he continue the show, he even extended it, by three hours! The superstar DJ apparently stuck two fingers up to the offender, downed a shot and got on with, performing for the rest of the night. To be fair, the man has a wealth of material to fill a four hour set, with his latest album, 18 Months, able to fill up a good chunk of those four hours.

Luckily for Harris though, the start to this week has had a pretty good one as the Scot has managed to etch himself into UK Chart history by becoming the first artist to achieve eight top ten hits from the same album, an achievement that more than deserves a drink.

Calvin Harris
Harris has etched himself into the chart history books