Amid his Taylor Swift break-up drama, Calvin Harris released the video for his latest single 'This Is What You Came For' yesterday (June 16th 2016) featuring Rihanna. The song is the second single to be released ahead of his yet-to-be-announced new album, and the first for the year.

Calvin HarrisCalvin Harris unveils a new video

Calvin Harris wants fans to focus on his music rather than his relationships right now as he launches his new video directed by Emil Nava who has previously worked with him on the videos for 'I Need Your Love' and 'Outside', both featuring Ellie Goulding (another of Harris' rumoured exes, incidentally).

The video features Rihanna dancing along in what appears to be a cube that changes colour and background throughout the song, and it's not the first time the pair have worked together. He produced her song 'Where Have You Been' from 2011's 'Talk That Talk' and collaborated on her number one single 'We Found Love' from the same album. Plus, he supported her on two of her world tours: 'Last Girl on Earth Tour and 'Loud Tour' around the same time.

He's been promoting the new video on his Twitter feed a lot lately, but gave a cheeky nod to his romantic life in response to a headline from TMZ which read: 'Calvin Harris -- Rihanna's Next for Me'. He took to Twitter where he joked about the double entendre. 'Lol I said the VIDEO dammit smh [shaking my head]', he wrote. For those who were wondering, he looked pretty happy when the publication caught up with him outside the gym despite the huge awkwardness surrounding his break-up with Taylor Swift, who now appears to be dating Tom Hiddleston - like suspiciously too soon. He even stopped to take some photos with some female fans that were waiting by his car, one of whom was in a wheelchair.

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We shouldn't take sides, but after this epic tune? Team Calvin all the way. The single was released on April 29th this year where it reached number 2 in UK charts and number 7 in the US.