Kellan Lutz loves 'Twilight'.

The 24-year-old actor, who plays Emmett Cullen in the vampire movies, claims he cannot wait for the next films.

He said: "I love being my character, Emmett, and I love this franchise.

"I love the actors, the production teams, the directors... it's great to love a job in a way that has continuous projects with it, so I hope Stephenie Meyer writes another book that we get to act in also."

Discussing the plans to split the final installment of the movie, 'Eclipse', into two films, Kellan gave it his backing.

He said: "I really hope we're able to do that."

Earlier this month, Kellan - who is now an underwear model for Calvin Klein, admitted he didn't mind getting into his pants to pose for pictures.

He said: "I've done other fittings where you have to wear underwear and you're kind of uncomfortable because they look funny or it doesn't fit well. They made it really easy. The clothes fit great - there wasn't anything that was riding up, so you don't feel uncomfortable posing."