Cameron Diaz has a phobia of cockroaches.

The 'Sex Tape' actress admits her fear of insects, particularly cockroaches, is so bad that she actually gets ''embarrassed'' about it.

When asked on BBC Radio 1 what her biggest phobia is, the beautiful blonde admitted: ''I really don't like insects. I hate cockroaches especially. I really don't wanna be around a cockroach. Like it freaks me out on such a level that I'm embarrassed actually.

''I'm not a very fearful person. Like, I don't mind spiders. Spiders don't scare me. I love snakes. I know they're not insects but that's something a lot of people have phobias of. But cockroaches really freak me out.''

Cameron's 'Sex Tape' co-star Jason Segel also confessed to having an aversion to the insect as he shared an amusing anecdote about one time he was attacked by a cockroach at home.

He said: ''One time I came home and there was a cockroach in my house. I went to go get it and it flew. It's a flying cockroach. So now I'm engaged in this battle with it. It's a huge, huge, huge thing. In the morning I woke up and there was a giant metal bowl and a broom because I had basically made myself a suit of armour out of kitchen utensils.''

Not to be outdone, Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw recalled the time he found a mouse in his London flat and he caught it in a bowl, only to leave it there so he could watch 'The X Factor' with his house mates.