Cameron Diaz feels more comfortable taking her clothes off on camera than singing.

The 42-year-old actress sings in new movie musical 'Annie' - which also stars Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, 46 - and she admits singing on set fills her with dread.

Cameron revealed: ''It was the most terrifying thing I've done in a movie.''

Cameron compared her singing trauma to taking her clothes off in the comedy sitcom 'Sex Tape', in which she appeared alongside Jason Segel.

A scene in the film sees Cameron wearing a pair of roller skates trying to have sex with her husband.

She added: ''I am comfortable just being who I am.''

By contrast, Cameron's 'Sex Tape' co-star Jason recently revealed that his mother hated his nude scene in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'.

Jason, 34, played Peter Bretter in the 2008 rom-com and explained that has his mother failed to laugh when she first watched the scene where Jason gets naked in front of co-star Kristen Bell.

He told the Guardian newspaper: ''Poor mum, I really misjudged that. I thought we had this connection. I thought she would find the surprise of it funny. But she really did not.''