It's the relationship scenario every woman dreads: you meet a new guy and he's handsome, funny and intelligent but your bubble of bliss is burst when you realise you're not the only one. The Other Woman does a wonderful job of exploring this nightmarish situation but turning it on its head in a hilarious revenge comedy.

The Other Woman
Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton & Leslie Mann Form An Unlikely Team In 'The Other Woman.'

Cameron Diaz plays a woman who finds said perfect bloke but soon discovers he is married to Leslie Mann's character. The pair initially clash in horror at the situation but after spending a little time together, realise they have more in common than previously assumed.

The Other Woman Kate Upton
The Discovery Of Kate Upton's Mistress Is The Final Straw For The Women.

As the pair bond, they find out Mr. Cheater, who is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ('Game of Thrones'), had yet another mistress (Kate Upton). The discovery of another mistress becomes too much for the cheated three and so they use their infuriating situation to launch a series of revenge attacks designed to teach the cheater a well-needed lesson.

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The trio recruit a colleague, played by Nicki Minaj in her first live action role, With the wife slipping female hormones into his morning beverages and the joint discovery of the man's fraudulent business secrets, this three-timer is about to realise that leaving a trail of mistresses was a big mistake.

The Other Woman Cameron Diaz
Three Women Fall Into The Same Guy's Trap & Decide To Tale Action.

Directed by Nick Cassavetes, whose credits include The Notebook, this sharp, cathartic comedy is anything from a tender romance as three wounded yet clever women sock it to the man instead of descending into bitchy cat-fighting.

Leslie Mann The Other Woman
The Worst Relationship Scenario Is Turned On Its Head As The Mistresses Seek Revenge.

The Other Woman will be released on the 23rd April 2014 in the UK and the 25th April in the USA.

The Other Woman Diaz Upton Mann
Expect Plenty Of Laughs In This Original Revenge Comedy.