It may be easy to dismiss The Other Woman as an air-headed, girls' night-in, giggle-fest but its remarkable debut weekend performance has shown that this revenge comedy has a sting in its tail when it comes to the box office. The Cameron Diaz-led flick took $24.7m over the weekend, launching to the top of the movie charts ahead of last week's victor, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which came in at second with $16.05m.

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Cameron Diaz Comedy 'The Other Woman' Gives The Finger To Critics With Storming Debut.

Whilst it's unlikely that The Other Woman will have the same longevity or total gross as Captain America 2, its first weekend taking show that the comedy was underestimated by many, especially critics who largely gave the film laughably low scores. However, senior media analyst of box-office tracker Rentrak, Paul Dergarabedian, said he thinks the movie's PG-13 rating helped it snare the larger portion of the movie-going market.

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"The rating was perfect," he said, via Huffington Post. "If you are going for the mainstream audience who is looking for something that has a little bit of an edge, but not too much, you can hit that sweet spot and draw a large audience."

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Dergarabedian also noted that The Other Woman's release date couldn't have been better: "This was the perfect time to release this film, between the success of 'Captain America' and before the official start of the summer movie season with 'Spider-Man 2.' "

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Whilst Not Exactly Floundering In Second Place, 'Captain America 2' Saw Sales Slip In Its Fourth Week.

The Other Woman becomes only the third comedy film of the year to do especially well at the box office following the success of January's Ride Along and March's The Grand Budapest Hotel, which both exceeded expectations, leaving films like Jason Bateman's Bad Words and Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club in the shade.

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The third side to The Other Woman's triangle of success, according to Dergarabedian, is the casting the inimitable Cameron Diaz, who may not be pushing her boundaries with such a role but excels doing what she knows. "Sometimes it's about casting," he said. "When you have Cameron Diaz in a comedy like this, it's hard not to knock it out of the park. This film is right in her wheelhouse. This is what she does best."

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Overall, the movie scored $12.8 million internationally, bringing its worldwide total to $45.3 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Meanwhile Captain America 2 has now earned over $645 million globally, outstripping its predecessor in ticket sales and becoming the highest-grossing April release ever.

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